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Title:  Experimental philosophy, in three books containing new experiments microscopical, mercurial, magnetical : with some deductions, and probable hypotheses, raised from them, in avouchment and illustration of the now famous atomical hypothesis / by Henry Power ...
Author: Power, Henry, 1623-1668.
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That you may at one glance behold all the varieties of these Dilatations of Ayr, and height of the Mercurial Standard, I have supposed the line AB to represent all the Tubes. AE still represents the Ayr left in them, AD the Ayr dilated, BD the Quicksilver.In the long Tube.At the top of the Hill.At the bottom of it at Barlow.AE— 50/15— 50/15 Equal parts of Spaces, Inches.AD— 84/75— 83/8BD— 11/26— 11/78In the lesser Tube.At the top of the Hill.At Barlow with Ayr.At Barlow with Valley-Ayr.AE— 9— 9— 9AD— 17/8— 17/35— 17/58BD— 13/86— 14/31— 14/02Now before we pass to any further Experiment, we think it fit to make and denominate several considera∣ble Spaces of the Tube in the Mercurial Experiments, which will avoid both confusion and multiplicity of terms for the future.Let AB be the Tube in which Quicksilver (in case it were totally void of Ayr) would stand in a perpen∣dicular