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Title: Christ displayed as the choicest gift, and best master: from Joh. 4. 10. Joh. 13. 13. Being some of the last sermons preached by that faithful and industrious servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Nathaniel Haywood, sometime minister of the gospel at Ormschurch in Lancashire.
Author: Heywood, Nathaniel, 1633-1677.
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soul so reasonable, so equitable a request? as the Servant said to Naaman, If the prophet had commanded thee some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much more then, when he only saith, wash and be clean? So say I to thee, If God had commanded the greatest things imaginable, wouldest thou not to thy power have done them, that thou maist injoy the blessed Son of God for thine? How much more then, when he only saith, Take Jesus Christ as thy Lord and Saviour, prize and love him as thy Saviour, obey and honour him as thy Lord, and he shall be thine for ever? do but as much for him, as the covetous man does for his wealth, as the ambitious man for his honour, as the voluptuous man for his belly; they give their highest esteem, their choicest affections, and their greatest service, to that which they take for their God, their chief good: And surely Christ is more worthy hereof, and will requite thee best for them.4. Consider how God offers this gift to thee; his manner of dealing with thee in this is won∣derful; he offers Christ most really, means what he speaks, and most tenderly and af∣fectionately: He not only offers Christ to thee, but invites thee to him; what canst thou de∣sire more in a gift or benefit, than to have it heartily offered, and be invited to take it? He offers Christ without grudging, falshood, or
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