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Title: Albion and Albanius an opera ... / written by Mr. Dryden.
Author: Dryden, John, 1631-1700.
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The white Boys dance about the Saints: The Saints draw out the Association, and offer it to 'em: They refuse it and quarrel about it: Then the white Boys and Saints fall into a confus'd Dance, imitating fighting: The white Boys at the end of the Dance, being driven out by the Sectaries with Protestant Flails.Albion.SEE the Gods my cause desending;VVhen all humane help was past!Acacia.Factions mutually contending,By each other fall at last.Albion.But is not yonder Proteus Cave,Below that steep,Which rising Billows brave?Acacia.It is: And in it lies the God asleep:And snorting by,We may descry,The Monsters of the deep.Albion.He knows the past,And can resolve the future too.Acacia.'Tis true!But hold him fast,For he can change his hew.The Cave of Proteus rises out of the Sea, it consists of several Arches of Rock work, adorn'd with mother of Pearl, Coral, and abundance of Shells of various kinds: Thro' the Arches is seen the Sea, and parts of Dover Peer: In the middle of the Cave is Proteus a sleep on a Rock adorn'd with Shells, &c. Like the Cave. Albion and Acacia, seize on him, and while a Symphony is playing, he sinks as they are bringing him forward, and changes himself into a Lyon, a Crocodile, a Dragon, and then to his own shape again: He comes toward the front of the Stage, and Sings.Symphony.Proteus.ALbion, lov'd of Gods and Men,Prince of Peace too mildly Reigning,
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