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Title: Albion and Albanius an opera ... / written by Mr. Dryden.
Author: Dryden, John, 1631-1700.
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A double Pedestal rises: On the Front of it is painted, in Stone colour, two Women; one holding a double Fac'd Vizor; the o∣ther a Book, representing Hypocracy and Phanaticism; when Archon has charmed Democracy and Zeal with the Cadu∣ceus of Mercury, they fall a sleep on the Pedestal, and it sinks with them.Merc.CEase, Augusta! Cease thy mourning,Happy dayes appeare,Godlike Albion is returningLoyal Hearts to Cheere!Every Grace his youth Adorning,Glorious as the Star of Morning,Or the Planet of the Year.Chor.Godlike Albion is returning, & Arch. Hast away, Loyal chief, hast away.No delay, but obey:To receive thy lov'd Lord! hast away.Ex. Arch.Tham.Medway and Isis, you that augment me,Tides that encrease my watry store,And you that are Friends to Peace and Plenty,Send my merry Boyes all ashore;Sea Men Skipping,Mariners Leaping,Shouting, Tripping,Send my merry Boyes all ashore!A Dance of Watermen in the King's and Duke's Liveries.The Clouds divide, and Juno appears in a Machine drawn by Peacocks; while a Symphony is playing, it moves gently for∣ward, and as it descends, it opens and discovers the Tail of the Peacock, which is so Large, that it almost fills the opening of the Stage between Scene and Scene.Merc.THe Clouds divide, what Wonders,What Wonders do I see!The Wife of Iove, 'Tis shee,That Thunders, More than thundring Hee!
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