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Title: The ivstification of the independant chvrches of Christ being an answer to Mr. Edvvards his booke, which hee hath written against the government of Christ's chvrch and toleration of Christs, publike worship : briefely declaring that the congregations of the saints ought not to have dependancie in government upon any other : or direction in worship from any other than Christ their head and lavv-giver / by Katherine Chidley.
Author: Chidley, Katherine.
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THE Answer to Mr. EDVVARDS his INTRODVCTION. Hearing the complaints of many that were godly, against the Booke that Mr. Edwards hath written; and upon the sight of this his Introduction, considering his desperate resolu∣tion, (namely) that he would set out severall Tractates against the whole way of Separati∣on. I could not but declare by the testimony of the Scripture it selfe, that the way of Separation is the way of God, who is the author of it,Deut. 32▪ . 1 King. . 53. which manifestly appeares by his separating of his Church from the world, and the world from his Church in all ages.When the Church was greater than the world, then the world was to be separated from the Church; but when the world was greater than the Church, then the Church was to separate from the world.As for instance;When Caine was a member of the Church, then the Church was greater than the world; and Caine being discovered, was exempted from Gods presence; Gen. 4▪ 14. 15. 16. before whom he formerly had presented himselfe: Gen. 4. 3. but in the time of Noah, when the world was greater than the Church Mat. 24. 38. 39. 1 Pet. 3. 20. then Noah and his Family who were the Church, were commanded to goe into the Arke Gen▪ 7▪ 1. in which place they were saved, when the world was drowned. Ver. 21, 22, 23.yet Ham being afterward discovered, was accursed of his Father, and Shem was blessed, and good prophesied for Iaphat.Afterward when the world was grown mightier than the Church againe, then Abraham was called out of Vr of the Caldeans▪
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