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Title: The ivstification of the independant chvrches of Christ being an answer to Mr. Edvvards his booke, which hee hath written against the government of Christ's chvrch and toleration of Christs, publike worship : briefely declaring that the congregations of the saints ought not to have dependancie in government upon any other : or direction in worship from any other than Christ their head and lavv-giver / by Katherine Chidley.
Author: Chidley, Katherine.
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no dependancie upon any other Church or Churches which shall claime Authority or superiority over them.And thus much for your first Reason.NOw in your second Reason, which runneth upon the cal∣ling of the Ministry, you affirme, That the government of the Independent Congregations is not of divine institution.Which I utterly denie, and will prove it, by disproveing the following Instances by which you affirme to prove it.Whereas you affirme, That their Independencie forces them to have Ministers without Ordination.I Answer, it is a plaine case by the foregoing Answer, to your first Reason, that you speake untruely, for their practise is there made knowne to be otherwise; and if you will still af∣firme, that they have not power so to practise, you will thereby deny the truth of the Scriptures; for the Apostles were com∣manded to teach the Churches, to observe all things whatsoever Christ had commanded them. But Christ commanded the Apostles to ordaine Elders in every Church by election; there∣fore the Apostles taught the Churches to ordaine Elders by Election also. And whereas you bid us produce one instance (if we can) for an ordinary Officer to be made without Ordi∣nation, it is needlesse; for we (whom you call Independant) strive for no such thing, as you have proved it plainely out of Mr. Robinsons Booke, Apol. Chap. 1. 18. to which I send you to learne better.Further, you alleadge, That if they be ordained, it is by persons who are not in office.Now if you meane, they have no office because they are not elected, ordained and set apart by the Clergie to some service∣able, adminiation; I pray you tell me who ordained the A∣postles, Prophets, and Evangelists to their worke or Ministry? If you will say they were ordained of God, I will grant it, and doe also affirme that God hath promised the supply of them, to the end of the world, as before hath beene mentioned, from Ephe. 4. As also, it appeares by Pauls charge to Timothy; 2 Tim. 2. 2. That what things he had heard of him, among many wit∣nesses, the same he should commit to faithfull men who should be able to teach others also: but I verily doe beleeve, that as Titus, so Timothy heard of Paul that Elders must be ordained by Election in every city, and that Titus was as much bound to communicate the things unto others, which he had learned of Paul, as Timothy was, and Timothy (we know) was to teach faith∣full
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