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Title:  The decades of the newe worlde or west India conteynyng the nauigations and conquestes of the Spanyardes, with the particular description of the moste ryche and large landes and ilandes lately founde in the west ocean perteynyng to the inheritaunce of the kinges of Spayne. ... Wrytten in the Latine tounge by Peter Martyr of Angleria, and translated into Englysshe by Rycharde Eden.
Author: Anghiera, Pietro Martire d', 1457-1526.
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Farre from this Ilande betwene the west and northwest they came to an Ilande named Eude, in the whiche growethe great plentie of Sinamome.Cinamome In this tracte are founde many Ilandes lying in order as it were one directly behynde an o∣ther, euen vnto the Ilande of the greater Giaua,The Ilandes of Giaua. named Giaua maior, and vnto the cape of Malaccha,Malaccha. beinge in East India. Gia¦ua the lesse, is as bygge as the Ilande of Madera, and is but halfe a leaque distante from Giaua maior. Here they were infor¦med that aboue Giaua maior toward the north, is a great goulfe cauled the goulfe of China,The greate goulfe of China. in the which are trees of exceadyng byggenesse, inhabyted with foules of suche greatenes that they cary great beastes in the ayer. The frutes of these trees are as bygge as cucummers.The cape of Malaccha is one degree and a halfe aboue the Equinoctiall line towarde the pole Artike.The cape of Malaccha. On the East side of this cape, runneth a very longe coaste in the which are ma¦ny regions and cities wherof sum are cauled by these names, Cingaporla which is the cape.The names of many regi∣ons. Also Pahan, Calantan, Patani, Braalin, Beneu, Longon, and Odia wherin is the citie in the which dwel∣leth the kynge of Sian named Zacabedera. Theyr cities are buil¦ded as owres are, and subiecte to the kynge of Sian. After the realme of Sian, are the regions of Iamgoma & Campaa where Reubarbe groweth,Reubarbe. of the which are dyuers opinions, sume supposynge it to bee a roote, and other a putrifyed tree, affir∣myng that yf it were not putrified, it shulde not haue so great a sauour. They caule it Calama. Next vnto this, is found the great China,The greate kynge of Chi∣na. whose kyng is thought to bee the greatest prince in the worlde, and is named Santoa Raia. Furthermore, al that is written hereafter of this kyng and these regions, they lerned by thinformation of a Moore that was in the Ilande of Timor. He affirmed that the sayde kynge hathe threescore and tenne crowned kynges vnder his empyre, and hathe a porte in the sea named Canthan: And two principal cities na∣med Nauchin and Connulaha where he remayneth hym selfe, and hath euer foure of his chiefe princes lying abowt his pallaice on euery syde, towarde the Easte, Weste, Northe, and South giuinge dylygente attendaunce what is doone in euerye of theyr quarters. All the prynces of the greater India (cau∣led India Maior,The greater India.) and of that wherof I haue spoken before, are obedient to this kynge. And in token that they are trewe