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Title: A quench-coale. Or A briefe disquisition and inquirie, in vvhat place of the church or chancell the Lords-table ought to be situated, especially vvhen the Sacrament is administered? VVherein is evidently proved, that the Lords-table ought to be placed in the midst of the church, chancell, or quire north and south, not altar-wise, with one side against the wall: that it neither is nor ought to be stiled an altar; that Christians have no other altar but Christ alone, who hath abolished all other altars, which are either heathenish, Jewish, or popish, and not tollerable among Christians. All the pretences, authorities, arguments of Mr. Richard Shelford, Edmond Reeve, Dr. John Pocklington, and a late Coale from the altar, to the contrary in defence of altars, calling the Lords-table an altar, or placing it altarwise, are here likewise fully answered and proved to be vaine or forged. By a well-wisher to the truth of God, and the Church of England.
Author: Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
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fayre Table with guilded Letters, the foresaid Cushion stan∣ding just below it.But on the North end where the Minister stands to conse∣crate, & in that peice of white Callico, is represented at the top, the picture of Angels with faces, cloudes; & birdes fley∣ing; about the middle, the picture of Peter on the Crosse, at the bottome, George on horsebacke treading on the Dragon, leaues, & grasse, with some trees, being beneath all, almost at the end of it.In the other peice of white Callico on the West end, is the same as on the North end, only the picture in the middle dif∣fers, being the picture of Paul with hisLike a Persecutor not an A∣postle. sword in his hand, all this being the curious worke of some needle woman.Now the mysterie why, the Pictures of Peter, & Paul & George on horsebacke, & more other are in this worke, is imagined, because the Church is dedicated to the memorie of Peter and Paul & it is vnder the Iurisdiction of Sant Geor∣ges Chappell at Windsor.The next day being the Lords day, assoone as the Preists (for so they would be called, to suite the better with their Altar) came to the Church, each of them made a Low Congie a peece at their very first entring in at the great Church dore, and an other Congie a peece at the Ile dore, & after that 3. Con∣gies apeece towards the Altar (before its dedication,) and so they went into the Chancell where a bason of water & a to∣wel was provided for the Preistes toIt seemes they come to Church with polu∣ted hands, & sinking soules, that they thus needed wa∣ter & in∣cense. wash in, where was incense burnind which perfumed the whole Church; & then they returned backe making 3. Congies a peece, & went to service; which was solemnely performed, the Organs blo∣wing, great singing, not heard of in this Church before, which kinde of seruice lasted two howres at least.Seruice being finished there was a Sermon Preached by one Maister Ieffery Arch-deacon of Salop in the County of Sa∣lop, whom the Surragate brought with him.His text was, Iohn. 10. 22. 23. And it was at Hierusalem the
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