The resurreccion of the masse with the wonderful vertues of the same, newly set forth vnto the greate hartes ease, ioye and comforte of all the catholykes, by Hughe Hilarie. (?)
Hilarie, Hughe., Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567., Bale, John, 1495-1563.
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The resurrec∣cion of the masse / with the won∣derful vertues of the same / newly set forth vnto the greate hartes ease / ioye and comforte of all the catholykes / by Hughe Hilarie. (?)

Ioan. 1. ¶Come and se.

¶Imprynted at Strasburgh in Elsas / at the signe of the goldē Bi∣bell / In the moneth of Auguste. the yeare of our LORD. 1554.

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☞ The boke to the Reader.

ALl ye that true catholyks be
And loue oure mother holy Church /
Make haste and come hyther to me
I will teache you godly to wourche.
Doctrine bothe olde and auncient
Of father Duns and fryer Thomas /
Shall ye here fynde / if ye be bent
To beleue in the blessed masse.
Of Christ and his holy Gospel
Of true fayth / hope and charite /
I haue nothing at all to tell
For that dothe not belong to me.
Of the masse is my whole matter
And of what great vertue it is /
If to know that / ye do desyer
Here in me ye shall it not mysse.
Awaye with your Communion
And with all your Englishe seruice /
Come to masse with good deuocion
For that will bryng you to heauens blisse.
In that ye shall se your maker
Whiche made bothe heauen and earthe so rounde
Come therfore with all humble manner
That good Catholyks ye maye be founde.

Ioan. 3.
¶This is condemnacion / that light is come into th worlde / and menne haue loued darkenes more the lighte.
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¶The resurreccion of the Masse.

The Masse speaketh.

Esurrexi & adhuc sum tecum
May I now sing maugre myne enemies /
For to England agayn am I now come
After a moste goodly and princely wie.
O / as one all dead & longe hydde in graue
And as one bayred from all honest company /
Yea / as a capon longe pent vp in the caue
Exiled haue I bene miserably.
From Rome I came / I can it not denye
A citie in tymes paste moste florishyng /
Of the famous Goddes Idolatrie
Had I without fayle my fyrst beginning.
Popes manny were my fathers / as stories tell
Eyghte hundred yeares they were in begetting me /
My mother thoughte my a doughter full fell
Seyng in so long tyme / she coulde not be free.
My mother Idolatrie was common
To many a Pope in the meane whyle /
Yet trustye and true to that shauen nation
Was she alwayes / and neuer them begyle.
And although so many holy fathers
Had to do with her at their pleasure /
Yet be ye certayne that of none others
Was she knowen / so faythfull dyd she endure.
As the holynes is incomparable
Of all my fathers at euery houre /
Page  [unnumbered] So lykewise great and inestimable
Is my mothers honestie / worshippe and honour.
Thus of noble parentes was I at the laste
Brought forthe as a Goddesse perfect and pure /
My vertue in all places did I forthe caste
Of their saluacion making men sure.
There is no disease in all the contrie
Whyther it be pockes / pyles / or other sickenes /
But to heale it I haue habilitie
Helping all kynde of people in their distres.
Messeied swyne and mangye horses likewise
Do I cure / and chickens that haue the pyppe /
A wynchester goose to heale is my gyse
No kynde of disease do I ouerhyppe.
If ought be loste / I am very profitable
To bring it agayn to the true owner /
To gyue rayne or fayre weather / I am able
Whan soeuer to me men make theyr prayer.
If the housband be weary of hys wyfe
Or els the wyfe weary of her housbande /
I cause the one to haue but a shorte lyfe
That eche to other maye be no more bande.
Agayne / if that the maydes do wante husbandes
Or yong mens wyues at any season /
They nede not lope ouer many stretes or landes
But haste to me with all expedicion.
I gyue housbandes and wyues at my pleasure
to all people except my smered shauelynges /
Them by no meanes to marrye / can I endure
But to runne a whoring aboue al thinges.
Page  [unnumbered] They maye lyue / Sinon easte, tamen caue
Lyke great common Bulles in euery toune /
From marriage therfore / I will haue them fre
That their holy order maye not come doune.
Nothing defyleth me / but honest marryage
Whordome and adultery / I can right well abyde.
I will therfore that my massers of euery age
Do fle from matrimony at euery tyde.
My thorelynges to Rune / at large I thinke best
And theyr chyldren to sit by other mens fyre /
For so shall they alwayes fynde moste rest
And be moste mete to serue my desyre.
Moreouer / to bolde baudes & lusty lawyers
To rufflyng ruffyns and drousye dronckardes /
To Matthew make shifte / and suche others
As depely loue / bothe dyce and cardes.
To Perirers / theues and murtherars
To stincking Sodomites and adulterers /
To pollers / pyllers and vsurers
Am I louing / kynde and gentle euers.
I refuse (so gentle am I mo kyn̄de of people
Be they neuer so wicked and vngodly /
Chiefly / if they will come to the signe of the steple
And lyke ghostly chyldren heare masse deuoutly.
The worse for God / the better for me
I am as common as the Barbours chayre.
The trompet and I are lyke in eche degre
The best of vs / bothe can not lightly appayre.
Come to me who lyste / and they shalbe sure
To haue good successe in all their doynge /
Page  [unnumbered] For my vertue is great / if it may endure
And farre surmounteth all earthely thing.
Thus ye se of what great excellencye
I am in euery kynde of matter /
There is no disease or maladye
But I haue a salue for it euer.
And as I am for diseases profitable
And for all other thinges of the bodye /
So to helpe all kaynde of people I am able
If to come to me / they will them selfes applye.
Golde / syluer / rychesse / glorie and honoure
Fame / renoune / and worldly felicite /
House / lande / lordshippe / village / towne & bowr
Do I gyue to all them / that come vnto me.
Whatsoeuer in this worlde is contayned
Is myne to geue at myne owne pleasure /
Fall doune and worshippe me with hartes vnfayne
And ye shall wante no wordly treasure.
Therfore my Chaplens and seruauntes dere
If these giftes ye will enioye at my hande,
Looke that ye euery daye masse do here
For it is good / I will you to vnderstande.
Se that ye ryse betimes in the morninge
With an harte defyrous to honour me /
And assone as the Sexten dothe the bell ryng
Looke that in the church streyghtwayes ye be.
Take holy water / & crosse your self in the forehea
Make curtesy mannerly / and knele doune deuoutly.
Drawe as nye to the aultare as can be deuised
And in all poyntes behaue your self solemnely.
Page  [unnumbered] Gyue good eare to that my chapleyn dothe faye
Although ye vnderstand nothing at all /
Shake your head / and lyft vp your handes alwaye
And fet che syghes also bothe great and small.
Be euer prayeng of your Aue Mary
For that is a prayer fullgracious /
Looke that at the Gospell ye stande vp manerly
And make curtesye at the name of Iesus.
The Gospell ended / knele doune agayne
As wyse as ye were before ye stoode vp.
For to stande longe it were to muche payne
Chiefly if it were late / whan ye did suppe.
But whan my Chaplei come to the heauing
Of that litle great God aboue hys head /
Looke that then mekely ye fall to crouching
Lifting vp your handes with harte vnfayned.
Crye out O my Lorde and my Sauiour
In the alone is all my confidence /
I will magnifye the at euery houre
For thou arte a God of moste excellence.
Looke that ye honour this God aboue all thing
Whiche is halden vp betwene the priestes hand /
For he is a God of Pope Innocentes makynge
The thirde of that name / I do you to understand.
Pope Nicolas also and pope Urban
Dyd muche helpe to the perfection of it /
So did fryer Thomas that pratye man
And many other mo / as it is fyt.
Thynke that these wordes, Hoc est corpus meum
Be of so great strength / vertue and power /
Page  [unnumbered] That they are able to make Gods awne sonne
To come from heauen in the minute of an houre.
And although ye bothe se / fele and tase bred
Yet muste ye nedes beleue the contrarie
For holy Churche hath full determined
That it is Christes naturall bodye.
And though it be worme eaten / furyed or moulde
And so ryncke / that noman can it abyde /
Yet oure mother holy churche woulde
Ye should beleue it God bothe backe and syde.
And although it be agaynst the nature
Of the Sacrament to be Christes naturall body /
Yet muste ye beleue it bothe stedfaste and sure
According to pope Innocentes decree.
And albeit Christe and holy writte do saye
That Christes reall bodye is in heauen onely /
Yet se that ye be soute / and saye alwaye
That in the Sacrament it is really.
And albeit it fighteth with the verite
Of Christes bodye reall and naturall /
In many places at one tyme to be
Yet the contrary beleue you shall.
And although Christ and his Apostles all
With the olde Doctors and reason dothe perswade /
That it is not Christes bodye naturall
Yet saye ye / it is very God that all made.
And steke you strongly to the determinacion
Of oure mother holy Churche Catholycke /
And if any be of contrary opinion
Burne hym out of hande lyke an heretycke.
Page  [unnumbered] Se that ye continew alwaye in this fayth
That the Sacramente is Christes naturall bodye /
Flesh / bloud and bone / as pope Nicolas sayeth
And in this fayth remayne tyll ye dye.
And what if you for thus beleuing
Go to the Deuyll my great grādde father /
Feare ye not / my Chaplens for you shall syng
And neuer leaue tyll they you deliuer.
For I am so mightye that I am able
Euen damned soules to dispatche out of hell /
Craianus storye prouyth this veritable
Whiche by me was releued / as they do tell.
Therfore ye my dere & louing massehunters
Whan soeuer my chaplens holy and deuoute /
Heaue vp that litle great God / se that ye euers
Fall to knocking and kneling rounde aboute.
Agayne / whan the chalice / bleste mought it be
Is holden vp aboue the priestes head /
Lyfte vp your handes and eyes / that all maye s
Ye be deuout people and wel disposed.
In the holy chalice ye shall vnderstond
Is Christes very true and naturall bloode /
Therfore to honour that also are ye bond
For the holy Popes haue so thought it goode.
After that ye haue sene that godly syghte
Fall to prayer agayn deuoutly.
Serue some good saincte with all your might
Eyther with a Pater noster or Aue mary.
But heare ye? when the second sacrye comes
And your God is dādled about the chalice /
Page  [unnumbered] Looke that then ye starte vp with good deuocion
And to honour your God moste humbly deuyce.
Looke vpon that new founde God earnestly
Worshippe hym / honour him / and reuerēce hym to,
Beleue hym to be your Sauiour onely
Your redemer and mediatour also.
Agayne / whan the Paxe is caryed about
Se that ye kysse it with all humilite /
All the masse tyme looke ye appere deuoute
That ye maye seme good Catholykes to be.
When the priest comes to s. Ihons Gospel
And blesseth him as he were wood /
Do ye so likewise / for I plainly you tell
Agaynst wicked sprites it is very good.
When the prieste hath once sayde, Deo gracia
And kyse the aultare in sead of a woman /
Than maye ye well know / that done is the masse
And home maye ye go / as wyse as ye came.
But before out of the Church ye departe
Looke ye take holy water foole deuoutly /
Sprynckle your self with that from the very harte
And make a crosse in your forehead solemly.
All these thinges once done with good deuocion
Ye maye do that ye will all the daye after
For ye haue offered to God suche an oblacion
That ye can not anger him in any matter.
Now maye ye fall to bollyng and bibbing
To dysing / to carding and to whorehunting /
To polling / to pilling / and to fals brybing
To quarelling / to fighting / to scolding and chydinge.
Page  [unnumbered] What ye liste / that do / and be not afrayde
For amendes is made by hearing of masse
All thinges aforehande be all redy payde
Feare not / for I haue set you in a good case.
Let this than be your dayly exercise
Fyrst in the morning to heare masse deuoutly.
And afterward whatsoeuer ye practise
It shall come to passe / I warrant you / luckely.
My power is wonderfull my vertue is great
My dignite passeth all thinges mortall /
In me / in me alone is all goodnes et
Therfore now vnto me let all men fall.
Thus haue I declared to you partly
What profytes ye massehunters get by me /
But know ye / that not for the body onely
But for the soule also I serue in eche degre.
The soules that lye burning in Purgatory
Miserably puling for wante of soccure /
By me they are redemed spedely
And brought out of their payne in half an houre.
The masse of Requiem is of great strengthe
When for a soule it is eyther songe or sayde /
It alwayes helpeth without fayle at lengthe
Though the soule with synne / be neuer so decayde.
A trentall of masses is very profitable
For a soule departed at euery season /
For that vnto glory without any fable
Wil bring the soule with all expedicion.
But not for purgatory soules onely
Am I profitable and stond in sead /
Page  [unnumbered] The soules also / whiche in hell fyre do lye
Are ofte by me from their paynes redemed.
Unto the very helles dothe my vertue pearce
When for any soule I am songe or sayde /
Sathan that tyraunte / bothe cruell and fearce
Is of me and my power greatly afrayde.
My noble presence maketh the deuell to rore
And all the flames of hell shortly to quenche /
My royall presence causeth euermore
All the infernall paynes quickely to stenche.
Yea / from the dongeon of hell to heauen so hye
Do I cause the damned soules for to ascend /
To me / to me therfore let all men applye
If to come to glory they do intend.
By me the soules of sainctes in heauen also
Are lauded / praysed and magnifyde /
As the masse of Gaudeamus omnes in domino
Dothe righte well declare at euery tyde.
God and oure Ladye with the good sainctes all
Apostles / martyrs / confessors and virgines /
With all the holy Aungels seraphicall
By me do reioyce / as moste louing twynes.
Thus ye se in Purgatory / heauen and hell
I raygne as a moste tryumphāt Empresse /
So that to them / that in those places do dwell
My vertue dothe extend bothe more and les.
What shall I speake of my beneficence
Toward the soules of them that be mortall /
To saue their soules / I am of great excellence
When soeuer on me they earnestly call.
Page  [unnumbered] My Chaplens / thorow me offer dayly
For all such as with mony do them hyre /
An holy sacrifice propiciatory
And so deliuer their soules out of the myre.
The synnes of the whole worlde / thorow me
Are clerely remitted and put awaye /
My mighty power is to make them all fre
Which for remission of synnes, mony do paye.
Whatsoeuer synne is committed
Be it pryde / whordome / thefte or blasphemy /
By me it is vtterly dispatched
And the synners made bothe pure and holy.
For clensyng of the soule / noman dothe nede
To seke after any other Phisicion /
Be that liste vnto me / for to make spede
Shall haue of me a sufficient purgacion.
As men dayly do greuously offend
So muste they haue a dayly sacrifice /
To be rydde of your synnes / if ye entend
To haste vnto me / ye muste nedes deuice.
For in me / my marked marchauntes eche on
Offer vp Christ the sonne of God dayly /
They crucifye hym agayne / though he be go••
And offer a sacrifice Propiciatory.
And the sacrifice that they do offer
Is of so greate efficacie / mighte and poure
As that whiche Christ offered to hys father
Whan he hanged on the Crosse at the laste houre
By Christes death / the synne originall
Was onely put awaye / as many holde
Page  [unnumbered] But I dispatche all synnes vniuersall
As witnesse my Chaplens / bothe stoute and bolde.
Folish are they therfore / that take thought for sy
As though it were a burden intollerable /
eyng for a litle money they maye wynne
Forgyuenes of synnes / and become vnculpable.
When the masse begyues / they maye be synnefull
But before the masse be perfectly ended /
My smered Chaplens / all synne frō them shall pul
And make them to be thorowly saued.
For the blessed masse is not so sone sayde
Of the massinge Chaplens at the altare /
But all the debtes for synnes are wholy payde
And they brought agayne to Gods fauer.
Thus in heauen / earthe / hell and Purgatory
I rayge as a moste triumphant Goddesse /
All thinges are blessed by me / and made wealthy
Deliuered from sorowe and all discresse.
Agayne / what a number of idle bellyde priestes
Besydes monkes / heremites / Chanons and fryers
Do I fede / to be makers of Christes
Whiche otherwise shoulde fall into the bryers.
I make them to be hadde in reputatcion
I make them to sitte hyest at the table.
I make them to be called Syrs / euery one
I make them worshipfull and honorable.
I make them in their apparell to be
Galaunte and pleasaunte in euery mans syghte
I make them greatest in euery degre
I make them makers of God almighty.
Page  [unnumbered] I make them to walke in goodly longe gounes
With typpetes of sarcenet about their neckes
I make them to weare forked cappes on their shauē crounes
I make thē to do what they list without checkes.
I make them of the labour of other mens hādes.
To liue idely lyke men of great substaunce /
I enryche them with gaye houses and landes
I make them to lyue all in pleasance.
I make them in loue with other mens wyues
I make their chyldren to syt by other mens fyres /
I make them to lede pleasaunte & wealthy lyues
Euen according to their hartye despres.
I make them searchers of all mens secretes
Thorow holy auriculare confession /
I make them to playe many praty feates
And yet fewe spye their abhominacion.
By me alone they mayntayne their whoring
Their horses / their hauckes / their hondes & their spānels /
By me alone haue they their pleasaūt liuing
Bunning here and there / or where they list els.
I make the order of priesthoode honorable
I onely / am the saye of all massemongers /
It is I that make the masse priestes able
To matche with the best / and to be called masters.
If I were not / thei should haue many euel happes
If I were not / their gouns should sone be threde bare
If I were not / their hayre should grow thorow their carpes.
If, were not / they should haue bothe carcke & care.
Page  [unnumbered] I wolde therfore that noman should maruel
Though massingpriestes do stoutly holde with me /
For they are certen / and do know right well
That the best floure of their garlande I must be.
Therefore whan ye heare thē loude lye at Paules crosse
As many in their sermōs haue done of late /
Blame them not / for they haue had a longlosse
Therfore it is now hye tyme for them to prate.
Masses / Purgatory and prayeng for the dead
Are the chief pyllers of their popish kyngdome /
If these thre thinges were once abrogated
Then come they streyghtwayes vnto confusion.
I woldē therfore / that my chaplens shoulde prate harde
For these thre thinges aboue all other /
Or els their kyngdome shall neuer go forewarde
By swete sainct Mary / Christes owne mother.
For holy auriculare confession
I wolde haue them also prate harde / harde / harde
For if they haue not that popish inuencion
Their market will be altogether marde.
By that they shall know all mens secrety
By that / they shall syt as Goddes in mens consciēce
By that they shall bring the people wonderfully
Into all submission and obedience.
By that they shall make Lordes to thē for to lout
Ladys and gentlemen shall they bring vnder /
By that as Gods they shall raygne rounde aboute
And know where stuffe is against the next yeare.
Thus haue I tolde you parte of my vertues
And what I am able to do in euery place /
Page  [unnumbered] I suppose ye thincke them very straunge newes
Yet shall ye fynde them trew by oure Lady of gracē.
My massing chaplens and the massehunters
Know these thinges too be trew that I haue spoken /
Their diligent cōming to the masse euers
Is hereof a very manifest token.
Oh / somtime here in England gloriously
I raygned as a Goddesse supernal /
Tyll Gods worde / in the time of kyng Henry
Began to be knowne in places ouer all.
Thorow the scripture and other treatises
With the sermons of diuers learned menne /
To be espied began my fantasies
So that many to me did not greatly leane.
Yet thorow the soutenes of some prelates
Which euer loued me for my fathers sake /
I styl continued among my pyldepates
And the moste parte of men did me wel take.
Notwithstanding / my people religious
As monkes / chanons / heremites / nonnes and fryers /
Began among the people to be odious
And were called hypocrites and lyers.
Their hypocrisye and fayned holynes
Came to lighte euery daye more and more /
Their vnchaste chastitie also certes
Made all good people them to abhorre.
Their abhominable lyfe was so manifest
Besydes all their wicked Idolatrie /
That all godly men together thought it best
All their houses to suppresse vtterly.
Page  [unnumbered] Suppreste they were vnto my great discomforte
And bothe the I and they at the doores thruste out /
Few had we then / that wolde vs supporte
So were we compelled to range about.
Yet in paryshes and churches cathedral
In colleges also was I syl mayntayned /
There I founde fauour / what soeuer dyd befal
And among them was I greatly commended.
Yet was my courage wonderfully slayne
To se me out of the monasteries exiled /
For I thoughte alwayes / I shoulde haue bene fayne
Out of this realme shortly to haue fled.
For many began my iugling to perceaue
And what an enemy I was to Christes bloude /
They sayde I should no lenger them deceaue
Therfore to banishe me / they thought it good.
And without doubte so had it come to passe
If the stoute prelates had not styked hard to me /
But they humbly kneled before the kynges grace
And sayde / it weretie, it shoulde so be.
Many reasons out of duns and dorbel
They brought forthe in the parliament hous /
But out of Gods worde neuer a deal
No / not so muche as was worthe appylde lous.
Yet their reasons went for payment amōnge them
And I founde by acte of parliament /
To be necessary ad salutem
For the quicke and dead / a godly entent.
At the making of the .vi. articles done was this
A right good parliamēt for my shauelinges /
Page  [unnumbered] If that might remayne / we should neuer do amys
But euermore rule lyke Lordes in all thinges.
Now was it made bothe burning and hanging
To speake agaynst me or that litle great God /
No better coulde I haue had it by wishing
Than for these new fellowes to haue such a rodde.
Now thought I my self in a goodly case
And so sure / that I should neuer decaye /
Euery mancalled me the moste blessed masse
And wayted on me lyke a Goddesse alwaye.
Iraygned / I rule / I was in my ruffe.
I was songe / I was sayde in euery coste /
Man / wyfe & chylde called me pure good sufe
And magnifyed me to the vttermoste.
Well was I tyll certayne of the new learninge
Began to sturte vp after their olde fashion /
Agaynst me and the litle great God speaking
Calling vs bothe horrible abhominacion.
Then began my buttocks for feare to quake
I thoughte my destruction to be at hande /
But the prelates did the matter vp take
And those heretykes stoutely withstande.
For shortly they burnt them / as their wonte is
So vehement and whote is their charitie /
Thinking by this means to do hye seruice
Unto Gods moste excellent maiestie.
Somewhat chered agayn after that I was
And rayned lyke a Goddesse moste nobly /
Yea / I was in a wonderfull good case
Tyll the death of that mighty kynge Henry.
Page  [unnumbered] After hys death I began to waxe faynte
For I that before was taken for a goddesse /
Coulde not now be admitted for a saincte
An Idoll to call me / they did not ceasse.
A sacrifice propiciatory
Was I afore / bothe for the quicke and dead /
Yea / and that no salutem necessary
By acte of parliament adiudged.
Now am I proued no sacrifice at all
But a playne enemy to Christus passion /
A Maumt and Idol they do me call
Worthy to be brought vnto vtter confusion.
In the beginning of kynge Edwardes raygne
They called me first to examination /
My self I did so slenderly mayntayne
That all men might se my weake foundacion.
For of Gods worde I haue no grounde at all
That playnly dothe condemne me the trueth to tell /
At Rome had I my first originall
Of a number of Popes / as it befell.
Clouted and patched lyke a beggers cloke
Was I / God knoweth / foule euell fauoredly /
Ragges they brought out of their popish poke
And cobled them on me after their fansy.
What myne owne name meane / I can not declare
No / the papistes them selfs can it not define /
Although herein they haue taken full great care
And wolde very gladly the trueth out fyne.
This worde missa hath bene diligently soughte
And yet can they not fynde / wherof it come /
Page  [unnumbered] They studie about a matter of noughte
This am I certen / that I came from Rome.
Fyrst whan I was at the barre arraygned
A certayne simple mayde / called the communion /
Before all the company / me greuously accused
And layde to my charge muche abhominacion.
She called me a thefe and a God robber
An harlot and a spirituall whore /
Sayeng that I and my massers together
Had vtterly dryuen Christ out at the doore.
Ye take vpon you / quod she / to offer sa••ifice
For the synnes / bothe of the quicke and the dead /
Whiche onely pertayneth to Christes office
As by the scriptures it is clerely proued.
Ye corrupte the wordes of the Lordes supper
And adde of your owne imaginacion /
Ye reherse them also in hocker mocker
That the people haue no edificacion.
Ye set vp a straunge God to be worshipped
Made of bread / lyke vnto a waffer cake /
Of wicked pope Urban / this haue ye learned
And thus the true liuing God do ye forsake.
The Sacrament of Christes body and bloud
By you Antichristes is defyled vtterly /
Marchandyse ye make of it / as ye were woode
And dayly to your chapmen ye sell it for monye /
The congregacion / by Christes appoyntement
In perfecte loue should receaue it together /
But to eate it alone is your entent
Standing lyke fylthye swyne at the aulter.
Page  [unnumbered] To the good playne people ye turne your backes
And playe many a pratye iugling caste /
Brandon the iuglare had neuer goodlyer knackes
Than ye haue at your masse / bothe fyrste and laste.
At your masse ye mock ye mow / ye breath / ye blow
At your masse ye kysse / ye lycke / ye knele / ye knocke /
At your masse about the chalice your God ye throw
And dandle hym vp & doune lyken Robyn Rodocke.
At your masse / lyke charmers and coniurers
Ye make your crosses for feare of sprites /
At your masse ye blesse oft with your greasy fyngers
I thincke it be for auoyding euel syghtes.
At your masse ye stand nodding in your memēto
Lyke Bedlem iackes / cleane out of your wyttes /
At your masse lyke shackled geese ye hoppe to & fro
Now standing / now kneling / as it come by fyttes.
At your masse lyke chuffes ye eate & drincke alone
Cleane contrary to Christes institucion /
The people looke vpon you / but they kan get none
Whiche doubtles / is a great abhominacion.
At your masse / ye suppe and suppe / & styl ye suppe
Tyll that ye leaue nothing at all behynde /
Than blesse ye the people with an emptye cuppe
And sende them home / bothe ignorant and blynde.
At your masse / God is openly blasphemed
At your masse / Christes bloud is dishonored /
At your masse / all Idolatrie is committed
At your masse / the Lordes supper is defyled.
At your masse / the simple people are blynded
At your masse / many blasphemies are done /
Page  [unnumbered] At your masse / all good men with sorowe are fylled
At your masse / the deuels in hell haue delectation.
All good men vtterly abhorre the masse
All good men will not be present at it /
All good men crye out vpon her and alas
All good men wishe her hence for to flit.
Where the masse is / there is no true religion
For it is the head spring of all Idolatrie /
Where the masse is / there is all supersticion
Wickednes and abhominable hypocrisy.
None is to be founde so common an whore
So notable an harlot / so stoute a strompet /
As the masse is / though she go from doore to doore
With thousādes in one day to medle / she wil not let.
Who therfore wayeng these abhominacions
Will not consent to bānish the masse /
Seyng she is so full of supersticions
And set Gods people in so damnable a case.
If ye loue God / his worde and Sacrament
Bannishe this whore away from among you /
Let her no lenger be here permanent
Leste worser plagues do here after ensew.
Bannishe her / and awaye with her aulters
Doune with the pyxs that hange sohye /
Your copes and vestimentes with all suche matters
Awaye with them as thinges of vilanye.
After she had on this wyse tolde her tale
To bannishe me all with one voyce did consent /
I spake / but nothing coulde I preuayle
To conclude / vnto Rome streighwayes I went.
Page  [unnumbered] Pope Paule welcomed me very hartely
So did the Bishoppes and Cardinalles eche one /
To whome / whan I had tolde my matter playul
Aue Maria / they made wonderfull mone.
Full suerely they culled and kyssed me
And badde me be on a good conforte /
Though the whole worlde / doughter do forsake the
Yet will we / sayde they / styll the supporte.
Their wordes / I tell you / warned me at the harte
As though it had bene gynger of the best /
I was glad / those fathers did not from me starte
For with them yet I thoughte / I shoulde haue rest.
After this came monckes / chanons and fryers
Nonnes / heremites / anckers and anckresses /
All these welcomed me with goodly attyers
And made of me euen as if a goddesse.
Moreouer / bolde baudes and lusty lawers
Ruffling ruffyns / and drousye dronkardes /
Pollers / pyllers / theues / and murthers
With all suche as loue bothe dyce and cardes.
Periurers / vsurers / brybe takers also
Papistes / sodomytes / hypocrites likewyse /
With all the rable of noughtye packes to and fro
All these swarmed aboute me after their olde gyse.
They welcomed and welcomed me agayne
Ioyfull they were to beholde my visage /
Many of them sayde / I had taken great payn
Seyng I had come so long a viage.
In Rome I tarryed a certayne space
To se what fauour the people bare to me /
Page  [unnumbered] With the godly wyse I had but litle grace
They iudged me a very Idol to be.
I heare also / that in Fraunce and Italy
Suche as to the studies Theological /
Do their myndes vnfaynedly applye
Set by me and my chaplens nothing at all.
In Polelande also / Portingale and Spayne.
In Flaunders / Scotland and in many realmes mo /
I am lyke shortly to haue but litle gayne
For many of them begynne from me to go.
What shal I speake of Denmarke & Germany
With many noble contryes and cities besyde /
They all haue forsaken me vtterly
And are gone from me / bothe farre and wyde.
They that the Gospel truly vnderstand
And by the lighte therof espye my iugling /
Will no lenger vnto me be bonde
But fle from me / as from a pestilent thing.
So that besydes myne olde customers
Whiche to you heretofore I rehersed /
I haue neither frendes nor yet louers
That fauoure me with hartes vnfayned.
And yet as I heare / some of my olde acquayfaūce
Begynne to fall from me dayly more and more /
Which is to me certes a great greuaunce
And will hereafter proue to a foule sore.
The ende I afore see euidently
I shal surely be bannished at / the laste /
For many do now myiugling espye
So that oute at the doores I must be caste.
Page  [unnumbered] Euery plante that my heauenly father
Hath not planted / sayeth Christ in the Gospel /
Shal be plucked vp by the rootes for euer
Though the worlde be neuer so woode and fel.
Of God am not I planted without doubte
A doughter I am of the Popes begetting /
Therefore muste I also be rooted out
Whan the tyme dothe come of Gods appoyntinge.
Euen as other fantasies of men are gone
So must I folow / will I / nyll I /
We shal all trudge by one and by one
That God alone maye haue all the glory.
We maye thorow the helpe of hypocrites
Florish dayly / and prosper for a whyle /
But yet shortly shall we not be worthe .iij. mytes
Be iudged of the people in euery yle.
Remembringe these thinges / it maketh me agaste
And so dothe it all my smered shorelinges /
No maruayle / for then is all our glory paste
And we maye walke lyke a sorte of staruelinges.
Thus was I in a great perplexite
Although at Rome among my holy fathers /
Fearing alwaye some greate calamitie
To chaunce vnto me and to my masers.
Yet how frendly the deuel was to me / marcke
Beyng in great trouble / not knowing where to stāde
One came poste haste to me / and sayd harcke / harcke
O good newes / good newes out of Englande.
I stode styl / what is the matter qood?
Edward the syxte / kyng of England is dead /
Page  [unnumbered] Whiche bannished wicked Idolatry
And all popishe abhominacion suppressed.
Beyng astonied with these sodayne newes
I asked of hym / if these tydinges were true /
Yea / that they are / quod he / by the kyng of Iewes
And that shall the Gospelers shortly rue.
A sorte of the preachers are caste in pryson
Some in the towre / and some in the marshal seas /
Some in the flete / and some in the dongeon
But from preaching / all sorte of them doceas.
None preach nowe but papistes with their shauen crounes
They beare the route in euery pulpet /
They truge vp and doune in their longe gounes
And making merry / in euery tauern they syt.
And whereof do they prate / preache I wolde 〈◊〉
Not of Christ nor of his holy Gospel /
But of the litle great God they prate alway
Which among them / chiefly beareth the be.
The Sacrament of the aultare / sayeth eche one
After the wordes of consecracion /
Is Christes owne body / flesh / bloud and bone
But howye maye not aske suche a question.
It is ynough that the churche catholike
Hath so determined the matter /
Who sayeth the contrary is an heretyke
And remediles must be brent with fyer.
They talke also of picke put se purgatory
Declaring what aterrible place it is /
And haue all mens soules muste therein frye
Before they can come to heauenly blysse.
Page  [unnumbered] The hypocrites agayne stoutely do prate
Of prayeng to sainctes in oure aduersite /
As though Christ were not an able aduocate
To helpe as in all oure miserie.
Of images to be laye mens kalenders
They babble very ofte in their sermons /
Wyshing them to be set vp as teachers
In all temples and congregacions.
Agaynste the marriage of priestes they prate harde
But cleane without the holy scripture /
They wolde gladly haue that go backwarde
That in their whordome they might styl endure.
For holy aurieulaxe confession
They all take on / as though they were wood /
In muste this come with all expedicion
Dr els / saye they / we shal neuer do good.
What shal I holde you / sayd the tidinges bringer /
With many wordes or with a longe tale /
There was no kynde of papistrie euer
But in England it is lyke to haue good sale.
Therfore Lady masse / if ye will do wel
Make haste into England with all spede /
Frendes shall ye haue plentye / I you tel
Whiche wil stande by you in all your nede.
Ye shall haue redy against your comming
Aulters bylte vp in moste goodly wyse /
And your priestes redy to fal a iugling
After their olde and accustomed gyse.
For longe before my comming awaye
Masons were sent for in euery place /
Page  [unnumbered] Lyme / sande / morter / stone and claye
Were fetched into the churches apace.
Aultare clothes / corporasses and cruettes
Copes / vestementes / albes / boke / bell and chalice /
Candelstickes / pare / and suche other trynckettes
Be in a redines after the best wyse.
Therfore haste / poste haste / and haste for your lyfe
Neuer stynte / tyl that England yese /
The papistes shal ye there fynde very ryfe
Whiche wil receaue you with sporte and gle.
To the holy father I hasted a pace
To take my leaue of hym with all humilite /
Whome I founde in a very homely place
As me thoughte / not semely for hys degre.
I perceaue wel / all is not golde that thyne
Many speake agaynst priestes matrimonie /
Whiche do them selfs to muche leudned encline
Lyke stincking Sodomites moste fylthie.
But let this thing passe / I boldely stepte in
As a doughter / worthy suche a father /
To declare the matter / I did begynne
After a moste humble and obedient manner.
My tale tolde / he greatly reioyced
As one that had muche noble treasure founde /
Once agayne to hys playe fellow he turned
And sayde / all oure thinges will be wel and sounde.
Is Englande come to this cases to this case?
Whiche heretofore did vs so greatly despyse?
What / will she haue agan our doughter masse?
Salue festa dies / I like wel this gyse.
Page  [unnumbered] My Indulgenses and pardons shortlye
Will take place / I truste / with toties quoties,
My bulles / my waxe / my leade and suche pelfrye
To bringe vs home monye / shal not now cease.
If I mighte once agayne be admitted
Supreme head of the churche of Englande /
Will they / nyll they / by me they shoulde be ruled
I wolde make them peasauntes / and vnto me bāde.
Well doughter / make haste / and to England go
Commend me to my frendes / both louing and dere /
Applye your matters bothe to and fro
That shortly good newes I maye from you here.
Thus I departed from his holynes
And wente to other of myne acquaintaunce /
Whome my newse did so wonderfully please
That it fylled their hartes with ioye and pleasaūce.
Biddinge them fare wel / to Englande I hasted
Oh / what oratoure is able to expres /
Howe ioyfull I was here receaued
Welcome / welcome / they cried with greate gladnes.
Bishoppes / priestes and quondam religious
I meane monkes / nonnes / chanons and fryers /
With all other people supersticious
Were as gladde as byrdes vpon bryers.
All papistes and all hypocrites agayne
And all godles people made wonderful sporte /
Of my returne / they were maruelously fayne
Sayeng: my sight did them greatly conforte.
There was tossing of pottes / & makīg good there
Dauncing and leaping for the best game /
Page  [unnumbered] Drouncelettes were hearde bothe farre and nere
And many partes playde cleane out of frame.
Masse is come / masse is come / they openly cryde
Of soules and bodies the alone sauioure /
Let vs now reioyce on euerysyde
And the holy masse / bothe worshippe and honoure.
Thus of my comming / all degrees were gladde
I meane all those that loue the pope of Rome /
Onely the Gospellers semed to be sadde
And lyke people that were vtterly vndone.
Streyghtways was I had to this & that aultare
Where I was honorably entreated /
All papistes came to me bothe nere and farre
But the trew Christians me vtterly abhorred.
They can not abyde the sighte of me
But call me fylthie Idol and Maumette /
From me / as from the pestilence they fle
And as many as they can also let.
But as for my olde former acquayntaunc
They be all myne bothe whole and sounde /
If they maye do oughte / I haue good affiaunce
That I shal neuer fal vnto the grounde.
Thus I that in sighte lately was dead
Am rysen agayn moste triumphantly /
Christes communion is nw exiled
And I in place set as a goddesse moste hye.
My priestes that before with hayre were ouergro∣wen.
Are now both smoth & smircking shorelinges /
Their gotishe beardes be now awaye throwen
And their Caīlike crounes trīmed with shaueuīges
Page  [unnumbered] Their pyde and threde bare gounes are away cast
Their greasy forked cappes are layde asyde /
To se them so gaye / men are greatly agase
In all places now they so pleasantly glyde.
Mony in their purses they haue plentye
To maske / to masse they are so desyred /
The Catholickes for masses styll do crye
By this means / my priestes are greatly enryched.
As for the godly ministers certen
They are trounsed in euery place /
Specially / if they be married men
Suche fynde but litle mercy and grace.
Fylthie whoring dothe the papistes wel please
Holy matrimony they can not abyde /
To be marryed / they thincke it a disease
Not semely for priestes at any tyde
I doubt not / but my praters at Paules crosse
And other champions takinge their parte /
Will so from poste to pillare them tosse
That they shal haue litle ease at their harte.
I truste we shal so handle the matter
That priestes from their wyues shal be separate
We also wil them so spoyle and begger
That we shal bringe them to a poore state.
Honest matrimony I can not abide
Massinge / and that can not agre together /
Married priestes shal put their wijues asyde
Or els be handled after an homely manner.
All preachers and fauourers of the Gospel
We wil surely bring as lowe as we maie /
Page  [unnumbered] But all suche maskers as masses do sell
We wil promote and make them gaye.
I and my champions shall beare all the route
The protestantes maye go pycke a sallet /
We papistes shal rule the roste rounde aboute
And no man so hardye agaynst vs for to set.
Thus shal I rule as a moste noble goddesse
We shall all people bothe worshippe and honoure /
To extolle me my papistes shall not cease
Speaking good of me at euery houre.
But of one thing I must here geue warning
To all my louers / bothe faithful and dere /
That they be diligent in this one thinge
To darcken the Gospel / that it shyne not clere.
In siead of Christes Euangely
Preache the real presence and transsubstantiacion /
Talke of pylgrimages and purgatory
Of images and sainctes intercession.
Preache iustificacion of workes and fre wil
Preache aurieulare confession likewise /
Preache that Gods lawe we are able to fulfyl
Preache the masses / propiciatory sacrifice.
Preache ceremonies / holy bread and holywater
Holy waxe / holy flaxe / and holy reliques /
Holy oyle / holy creame / and holy ashes euer
Holy candels / holy fyre / and holysalow stickes.
Preache againste / at the least corrupte alway
Whatsoeuer is founde in the scripture /
That dothe the popish lawe against saye
Though it be neuer so good / trew and pure.
Page  [unnumbered] Againste the alone iustification of fayth
Preache stoutely / and put wil workes thereunto /
Or els whatsoeuer the scripture sayeth
Tel them / vnto heauen they can not go.
To Christes bloude ioyne the popes purgatory
Tell them / that after this lyfe they must also /
Be purged therein from all their vilany
Or els vnto heauen / blysse can they not go.
And here exhorte all men of eche degre
To praye deuoutly for the soules departed /
With solemne Placebo and Dirige
And a masse of Requiem thereunto added.
Tell them it is very meritorious
And a good dede / so for the soules to praye /
Masses and Diriges make them ful ioyous
And cause their paynes greatly to decaye.
Tell them that Christe is not so oure mediatoure
But we haue nede of some good saincte also /
To be vnto God oure intercessoure
Or els vnto heauens blysse can we not go.
Tell them / that auriculare confession
Deuised by pope Innocent the thirde /
Is so necessary vnto saluacion
That without it / sinnes can not be remitted.
Tell thē / that priestes haue power to forgyue syn
Whan so euer they saye, Ego absoluote,
Therfore / their synnes to confesse let them begyn
And from all their synnes / they shal sone be fre.
Tell them / that the gylding of images
And paynting of tabernacles also /
Page  [unnumbered] Hath bene greatly praysed in all ages
And openeth a waye vnto heauen for to go.
Tell them / that pylgrimage goyng likewise
Is very profitable for the soule /
Exhorte them to bring in agayne that gyse
And to drincke of s. Edmundes pardon boulle.
Tell them / that to be burried in s. Fraunces coule
Is very good for the soules saluacion /
Though it be neuer so lousy or foule
As in their holy rule is made mencion.
Tell them / that workes done of a good insent
Auayleth no les vnto saluacion /
Then thinges appointed by Gods commaundemē
To be done of the Christen congregracion.
Tell them / whatsoeuer holy churche bidde
Though to the scripture it be clene contrary /
That of all men muste be fulfilled
And neuer aske any question why.
Tell them / they muste it thincke it sufficient
That holy churche hath so ordayned /
And though it be not Gods commaundement
Yet tel them / it muste nedes be obeyed.
As the Idolatrous priestes in tymes paste
Cried / the temple of the Lord / the temple of the Lord /
So to crye / let it euer be your caste
The holy churche / the holy church with one accord.
Deface the doctrine of the fore preachers
So muche as ye can / to the vttermoste /
By calling them coblers / tynckers and taylers
And vnlearned asses in euery coste.
Page  [unnumbered] But looke ye call your selfs master doctor
And Graduate of the vniuersite /
Preache in your hoode / and set forthe your honor
And so declare what learned men ye be.
As for Dorbel / Duns / Thomas and Tartar
Gabriel / Lombarde / master of the sentence /
Gorram / Alberte / and other of that sete
Sae / ye haue sene them though many yeares ēce.
Tell them / that the doctrine which ye teach nowe
Is catholycke / olde and olde agayne /
Holy churche did it alwayes allowe
And in their counsails euer it mayntayne.
Agayn I wolde haue you lyke stoute Nemroth
Cryeout at Paules crosse againste the Printers /
Saye / that they are the cause / that the worlde goeth
So euel with our mother holy churche eues.
Say / with their bokes they marre al the market
And fyll the whole realme with heresye /
For to rede those bokes / all the worlde is set
And to holy churche wil not them selfs applye.
aye / that all the bokes that haue bene printed
Here in England / by the space of syxe year /
Are all with great heresyes infected
And wel worthie to be set on a fyre.
The Catechismes / and the boke of comm praye
The Homilies and Articles also /
With al other bokes intreating of the scripture
Are worthie into the fyre for to go.
Crieout / that all suche bokes maye be condemned
Eyther by an acte of parliamēt /
Page  [unnumbered] Or elles by proclamacion incalled
And so afterwarde to be shortly brent.
This thing shal auaunce my kingdome greatly
And set bothe you and me in a goodly staye /
Therefore I wolde haue you the matter to applye
That it mighte be dispatched out of the waye.
Furthermore / if there do any arise
Speakinge againste me and my kyngedome
To laye hande on hym streightwayes deuise
And cruelly caste him into prysonne.
Manace him with wordes / bothe fearce and fel
Threaton him with faggot / fyre and halter /
And to put it in vse / ye shal do wel
That other thereby maye learne to feare.
I wolde not haue you dispute with the scripture
But rather with halter / fyre and faggot /
For these argumentes are so stronge and sure
That none of them all can vndo that knotte.
By farre means agayne / se what ye can do
Promise them a benefice or prebend /
Saye / ye will be their hartie frendes also
If they wil become conformable and amende.
Thus by foule or fayre means proue masrise
Though it be cleane against youre conscience /
And euermore / let this be youre deuise
To maintayne me and my magnificence.
If ye wil do after this myne aduertisement
So shal bothe you and I right we prosper /
But if ye beginne to be negligent
Then shal we sone perish altogether.
Page  [unnumbered] Therfore / if ye tender my dignite
My worshippe / my honour and my excellene /
Looke that in these thinges diligent ye be
So shal ye long enioy my presence.
Otherwise / I shall surely be so hunted
Of the protestantes my fos mortal /
That to fle agayne / I shalbe compelled
As a slaue / bothe miserable and thraul.
And then shal ye also come doune / doune /
And e had no more in estimacion /
Laughed to scorne shal ye be with your shauē croune
And vtterly broughte vnto confusion.
The cause why / I geue you suche a charge is this
It was tolde me of a frende sence my comming /
That the masse should be dryuē out of Englād twise
And the second tyme shalbe past all helpinge.
The masse at the firste tyme shal recouer
Her bannishment righte well / quod that my friend
But the seconde time shalbe for euer
For bannished shal she be vnto the ende.
Agayne / ye knowe Christes prophecye
Euery plante that God hath not planted /
Shalbe plucked vp by the rootes vtterly
And be caste awaye / as a thing fayned.
Of God ceries haue not I my foundacion
But of a sorte of popes patched together /
Therfore muste I nedes come vnto confusion
Because my foundacion is so slender.
I knowe also / there are a greate number
Whiche come to me with very hollowe hartes /
Page  [unnumbered] Wishing at the deuel / bothe me and my masses
For playeng suche popishe and iugling partes.
Suche I tell you / are not to be trusted
Although outwardely they beare a fayre face /
They do but looke / when I shalbe confounded
Then wil they crye / doune with her apace.
Furthermore / it standeth you also in hande
To looke vpon this matter diligently /
For I do you all to vnderstande
The cause is yours also and not myne onely.
The papistes / quod my frēde / shal twise haue a fal
In this realme of England certenly /
The fyrste right wel recouer they shal
The second shalbe without remedye.
They shal then of the people be so hated
That none shal vouchsafe to haue thē at their bourde
Yea / of them selfs they shal so be ashamed
That thei shal couer their crouns with a cowtourd.
And then saide he / is their vtter destruccion come
For after that time shal theey neuer more ryse /
But Christes gospel / euen vnto the dome
Shal in this realme florishe in moste goodly wyse.
Of oure fyrste fall / we haue had experience
Of that we may wel iudge what shal folow.
Let vs therefore takehede with all aduertence
For when that come / then begynne oure sorow.
Watche therefore my chaplens & chāpions stoute
Take tyme / whyle the tyme haue ye maye /
Prye / spye / and diligently looke aboute
For I tell you trueth / the tyme wil awaye.
Page  [unnumbered] Remember the lessons / that I haue geuen you
Profitable they are for my kyngdome /
Looke that those diligently ye ensue
Than to good fortune maye we happe to come.
We shal yet for a whyle triumphe and raygne
We shal beare the rout / & donn with the Gospellers
We shal pleasantly oure estate mayntayne
And of al men be counted ioly rufflers.
You as gentle men shal raygne in all contrise
I as a goddesse shalbe of greate renowme /
And by this means to syng I maye deuise
Resurrexi & adhucsum tecum.
¶Valete & Plaudite.

O aulas.

O missas.

O sacrifices.

O concionatores.

O sacerdotes.

O presbyteros.

O castos.

O papistas.

O ollas.

O nugas.

O carnifices.

O cornicatores.

O scortatores.

O sacrilegos.

O priapos.

O Sodomitas.

☞ Ite Missa est.
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