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Title:  The noblenesse of the asse A worke rare, learned, and excellent. By A.B.
Author: Banchieri, Adriano, d. 1634.
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Herehence grew the reason, that men of iudge∣ment made election of fiue kinds only,Fiue kindes of beasts made choyse of. which they haue opposed against all the other: and those are the Dogge, the Horsse, the Lyon, the Ape, and the Elephant.But because humane iudgements are wont or∣dinarily to bee diuerse and variable, euen as their thoughts and opinions are of selfesame nature: so by proofe we find, some to perticularize his fauour one way, and other some (among these fiue kinds) to praise as himselfe pleaseth, which in their seue∣ral writings is easily discerned. And as I haue often∣times read them, so haue they raised no mean mer∣uaile in my minde, why no one is found amongst the number of so many auncient writers that hath looked into the Asses kinde, finding him to be the most compleat, perfect, and the very Noblest beast, among all the rest that nature euer gaue life vnto in this world.And albeit among our moderne men,VVriters of the Asse.Iulio Ca∣millo, Pietro Messia, one called Academico Peregrino, & Rao in one of his letters, with another that made but a digression, haue written somewhat, declaring diuerse considerable qualities of the Asse: yet per∣haps the same hath bene so succinctly, or rather vn∣skilfully performed, as they haue rather depriued then rendered such perfection, as makes him wor∣thie the direct sentence, to bee the most Noble, a∣among all the kindes of beasts vnreasonable, what∣soeuer.