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Title:  Playes confuted in fiue actions prouing that they are not to be suffred in a Christian common weale, by the waye both the cauils of Thomas Lodge, and the play of playes, written in their defence, and other obiections of players frendes, are truely set downe and directlye aunsweared. By Steph. Gosson, stud. Oxon.
Author: Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624.
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a gogge, with discourses of loe; or painte a fewe antickes, to fitt their owne humors, with scoffes & tautes; or wring in a shewe, to furnish the Stage, when it is to bare; when the matter of it selfe comes shorte of this, they followe the practise of the cobler, and set their tth to the leather to pull it out.So was the history of Caesar and Pompey, and the Playe of the Fabi at the Theater, both amplified there, where the Drummes might walke, or the pen rufle, when the history swel∣led, and ran to hye for the number of ye persons, that shoulde playe it, the Po∣et with Proteus cut the same fit to his owne measure; when it afoorded no pompe at al, he brought it to the racke, to make it serue. Which inuinciblie proueth on my side, that Plays are no Images of trueth, because sometime they hādle such thinges as neuer were, sometime they runne vpon truethes, but make them séeme longer, or shor∣ter, or greater, or lesse then they were, according as the Poet blowes them vp with his quill, or aspiring heades;