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to that they haue passed, and lete behinde them; then to that which remayneth vntouched, and lyeth be∣fore them.As te other two properties which he posted ouer, are sufitiently pro∣ued, not to belong to Comedies, for which he clames them: so (God wil∣ling) you shall perceiue, that he en∣treth as boldely vpon this, without a∣ny commission to beare him out. The perectest Image is that, which ma∣keth the thing to séeme, either greater nor lsse, then in deede it is. But in Playes, either those thinges are ai∣ned, that neuer were, as Cupid and Psyche plaid at Paules; and a greate many Cōedies more at yeBlacke fri∣ers and in euery Playe house in Lon∣don, which for breuitis sake I ouer skippe: or if a true Historie be taken in hand, it is made like our shadows, longest at the rising and falling of the Sunne, shortest of all at hie noone. For the Poets driue it most common∣ly vnto such pointes, as may best showe the maiestie of their pen, in Tragicall speaches; or set the hearers