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Title:  Playes confuted in fiue actions prouing that they are not to be suffred in a Christian common weale, by the waye both the cauils of Thomas Lodge, and the play of playes, written in their defence, and other obiections of players frendes, are truely set downe and directlye aunsweared. By Steph. Gosson, stud. Oxon.
Author: Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624.
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them vpon the Stage, doe seeke to doe any good vnto such as they rebuke, for the Poets intente, is, to wreake his owne anger, as I shewed you of Eu∣polis & those y• were restrained by the Twelue tables; the Actor either hū for their own profit, as the players in London; or followe the humor of their owne fancies, and youthfull de∣lightes, as the studentes of the vniuer∣sities, and the Inns of Courte.Therefore vpon the place, vpon the person, vpon the methode, vpon the ende of reprehention, I conclude, that a plaie, can bée no looking glasse of behauiour, and the rebuking of manners is as fit for the Sage, as the picture of Chastitie for the stues. Yet is Master Lodge very eager to force it vpon me, for Tullies sake, vsing his olde facion of disputing, compelled with hunger when reason is scant, ei∣ther to flye to a blinde texte, or to plaie the woman & braule it out. He row∣eth on farther in this barge and holdes it harde that a plaie is the Image of trueth Wherein he farth as ma∣riners at Sea, who haue no more ti∣tle