The last speech of Thomas Thwing priest; executed at York for high-trenson [sic], on Saturday the 23. of October 1680.
Thwing, Thomas, d. 1680.
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The LAST SPEECH OF THOMAS THWING Priest; Executed at YORK for High-Trenson; OnSaturday the 23. of October 1680.

Published verbatim as he spoke it; For preventing all (Popish or other) Misrepresentations.

Matth. xxvii. v. xxiv.
Vos Videritis.

THis sudden news of my Execution [after my Reprieve,] coming so un∣expectedly, made me fear I should have more severity shew'd Me than has been to others; and consequently, that I should not have my full liberty to declare my mind in the place of my Execution, Therefore I have briefly exprest my self in Writing as followeth.

As I hope for Salvation, and Benefit by the Blood and Passion of my Blessed Saviour, I most sincerely Protest, that what R. Balron and L. Mowbray swore against me, was absolutely false; For here in the presence of the Eter∣nal God, I declare I never knew of any Consult at Barnbow, least prejudicial to the KING or Kingdom; Nor Was I ever at any such Consult or meeting With Sir Thomas Gascoin, Mr. Gascoin his Son, Sir Miles Stapleton, the Lady Tempest, Mr. Ingleby, or any other, where any thing was ever treated, spoken, or Written, about killing the KING, or alteration of the Government; Nor did I ever see, or know of any List of Names of Persons mention'd, and sworn by them against me.

Upon my Salvation I declare, that I never have been in my whole life time Guilty, even so much as in Thought of any Treason against his Majesty, or the Kingdom, being directly contrary to the Principles of our Faith.

That although I have, and do declare against the Oath of Allegiance as it is worded, Yet it is only by reason of some Clauses therein contained, not pertaining to Allegiance; And therefore, if an Oath, containing nothing but Allegiance, had been legally tendred me, I should have thought it a sin to refuse it.

I acknowledge my self a PRIEST, and to have about 15 years per∣formed the Priestly Function; which I am so far from denying, that I thought it the greatest Honour imaginable.

Now Dear Country-men, having made this Protestation in the most plain and serious terms I could, without all Equivocation, or mental Reservation whatsoever; I appeal to the Eternal Judge, whether all good Christians ought not rather to believe what is here in this manner sworn by me in my present Circumstance, than what was sworn by my Accusers▪ whom notwithstanding, I beg of God Almighty to Forgive; As also the Jury, and all others, who have in any kind concur'd to my Death.

Having full time allow'd him, he spoke much more (with a clear Voice, and (as they say) a remarkably Chearful Countenance,) to the same Effect, declaring his Innocence as to any Plot, his Loyalty to the King, his Charity to his Neighbour, his Love and Piety to God, which he expressed in Fervent Prayers and Ejaculations: But these Particulars not being by him committed to Writing, we must expect a more verbal account of each from those Who were actually present at his Execution.

Just as he went off the Ladder, he was distinctly heard to say these words, Sweet Jesus Receive my Soul.