Ievves in America, or, Probabilities that the Americans are of that race. With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectuall endeavours to make them Christian.
Thorowgood, Thomas, d. ca. 1669.
Page  93

CHAP. VIII. Further helpes to this worke.

THe first of these is already going, the stocke of prayers, both hence and thence on that behalfe to heaven, and not now in a vision, as to St. Paul once, there stood a man and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia and helpe us, Act. 16. 9. but the Natives begin to be really sensible of their spirituall necessities, and call earnestly for that bread, and our countrey men desire the assistance of their brethren here in many respects, all their Letters earnestly bespeak us in this, and O that we did heartily answer them in our con∣stant and fervent prayers, in reference to this worke. There was indeed of late a generation of men, though extreme lovers of that Lethargy, yet forgate to be in charity with all men, they were content in their Letany to pray it would please God to have mercy upon all men, yet deemed it piacular to pray for the Novangles; The Directory guides otherwise, even by name advising to prayers for those Plantations in the remote parts of the World.

2. This worke would be much prospered by a stocke of wise and constant correspondence mutually betwixt Old and New England in regard of this businesse, what progresse is made in the worke, what meet to bee done for its furtherance, &c. Such communication of counsells would marvelously encourage and quicken Page  94 the Americans conversion. The French were spoiled of this help and intercourse from Brasil, by the Gover∣nour aVillagagno's Apostacy to Popery, and tis not credible, but if the poore Indians were made to under∣stand that all the Nation of England were thus solicitous with God, and among themselves, in all industrious endeavours to recover them from their sinfull and lost condition by nature, but they would looke up also, and in earnest cooperate with them, and say also it may be, as was in the precedent Chapter mentioned of our Sax∣on King, who said, those Preachers should be kindly dealt with, and want nothing for their worke; yea somewhat like to this was long since spoken of by bColonchi one of the Princes of Peru, when he was invi∣ted to be a Christian, his answer was, Sir I am old and unfit to forsake the rites and lawes of my Ancestors, but take my children as you will, and teach them what you please, they are young, and can more easily apply them∣selves to your customes, and instructions.

3. And a stock of money must be remembred, which in some sense, is as it were the soule of this worke; the Poet said truly 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉▪ If wee meane the Indians shall be Gospellized, they must * first be civilized, who are yet a very wild Olive, both by nature and life, they must bee weaned from idlenesse, and hunting, and nakednesse, they must be perswaded to labour, planting, learning, arts, and manufacture, that they may get cloathing, they must be taught to build for their owne habitations, for meeting houses or Churches on the Lords dayes, Schooles must be ere∣cted for instruction of their youth at other times, books of all kinds, tooles and instruments of all sorts must be Page  95 provided, many and necessary materialls towards this structure may be easily mentioned, but are not so easily purchased: If our Countrey men there have for their owne comfort and subsistance, tis little lesse then a mi∣racle, all things considered, and a wonderfull mercy, it cannot be expected, that they should be able to adde considerable supplie towards all the forenamed particu∣lars, and other emergent needfull occasions, though there be that can beare them record, that to their power, yea and beyond their power, they are willing of themselves as the Apostle said of his Macedonians, 2 Cor. 8. 3. I crave leave therefore to pray every Christian reader with much entreaty to take upon him the fellowship of ministring to this worke, that you may abound in this grace also, that I may use to you the same holy Apostles words; Chrysostomed desirous to plant the Gospel in Phaenicia, stirred up many godly men, and devout women, by their liberality to contribute towards those endea∣vours. Yea and here let it be remembred, that as Gre∣gory commends Queen Brunechild of France, and Queen Adilberga of Kent, for their charitable furtherance of this worke, the gaining of soules, the first Gospel∣lizing * of our Saxon Ancestors; So some pious Christians among us of both sexes, have shewed much bounty this way, encouraging and exampling others: The Spanish bookes relate strange things of their zeale in this kinde, and one e whom wee may credit tells us, that Ameri∣ca hath foure Arch-Bishops, thirty Bishops, and ma∣ny other houses as they call them of Religion, and if it be said their lot fell into the golden part of that world, and out of their superfluities they might well spare ve∣ry much, tis very much indeed, and yet tis f some∣what more that the same writer observeth how the King Page  96 of Spaine maintaines the lists and bonds of Missionaries, Priests, Fryers and Jesuits, that are continually trans∣ported into America, hee provides for every of them ten yeeres, and that to this day, and shall the children of this world in this also be wiser then the children of light, Luk. 16. 8. shall they be enlarged for the pro∣moting of themselves, and their abominable su∣perstitions, and shall not wee be as forward in that which directly aimes at the glory of Christ and the good of souls, as St. Paul saith of his Thessalonians, that they were examples to all that believed in Macedonia and Achaia, 1 Thes. 1. 7. I trust the liberality of some will in∣vite and open the hands of many to be very forward in this worke, for the administration of this service, will not onely supply their wants, but will be abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God, 2 Cor. 9. 12. And I hope to heare once of a liberall collection and benevolence to be advanced in every Parish and Congregation of the land, to be put into safe hands, and such profitable em∣ployment, as may indeed further the reering up of a Christian Tabernacle in America. And while these papers were thus in their framing, an Act, before menti∣oned, for propagating the Gospell of Iesus Christ in New Eng∣land, declareth much forwardnesse towards a nationall contribution in reference to this worke, and the dispo∣sall thereof to be according to the desires of those that have bin most industrious that way, and good care, I trust will be taken that the monies run into the right channel; and for the better gale and conduct, the two Universities Cambridge & Oxford, have affectionately expressed their Christian longings that this soule-businesse may obtain all possible furtherance, in their Letters to their reve∣rend and deare Brethren the Ministers of the Gospell Page  97 in England and Wales, the Divines of London are desired also in their sphere cordially to act in this common cause of the Gospel, that no obstruction be left in the way of this most glorious endeavour, why should any then bee straightned in their owne bowells, why should not all learne willingnesse to this worke, by reading, consi∣dering, and practising what we find the old Jewes did in a like case, Exod. 35.