Ievves in America, or, Probabilities that the Americans are of that race. With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectuall endeavours to make them Christian.
Thorowgood, Thomas, d. ca. 1669.
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CHAP. VI. The sixth Conjecture.

THis which followeth next, at first sight, will ap∣peare a Paradox rather than a Probability, that is 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉Americanorum, the Man-devou∣ring that is in America; for what an inference may this seem to bee; there bee Carybes, Caniballs, and Man-eaters among them, therefore they be Jewish? But let it be considered, Among the Curses threatned to Is∣rael upon their disobedience, wee read Levit. 26. 29. Yee shall eate the flesh of your Sonnes and of your Daugh∣ters, &c. So Deut. 28. 53. Which Predictions, accor∣ding to common supposalls, seeme to be fully verified in the Famine mentioned, 2 Kings 6. 28. and Lament. 4. 10. and those words are spoken of things then done and past; but the Prophet Ezekiel, that lived about the same time, speakes in the future tense of some new, and till then unheard of calamity, but such as should bee common afterward; I will doe in thee that I never did be∣fore, for in the midst of thee the Fathers shall eat their Sons, and the Sons their Fathers, &c. Ezek. 5. 9, 10. Before in∣deed, and at the Romans beleaguering Ierusalem, Wo∣men did eate their Children, but there is no relation of Fathers and Sonnes devouring one another, though this be foretold, and as a thing easily to bee taken notice of, aIosephus in that last siege tells but of one Woman eating her childe, and 'tis like there was no other, be∣cause the whole City was astonish'd at the newes, and the seditious themselves did abhorre it; yea and when the Romans heard thereof in their Campe, it exceeded Page  18 credit at first, and their Generall comforted himselfe a∣gainst that most inhumane and hideous fact, by remem∣bring he had often proffered them peace, and they had as often wilfully refused it; but that Prophet foretells an infelicity without parallel, both de praeterito, and de fu∣turo; I will doe in thee that I never did before, neither will I ever doe the like, Verse 9. And it should be a publick and notorious calamity, for in the midst of thee the Fathers should eate their Sonnes, and their Sons their Fathers, Ver. 10. Words implying, yea expres∣sing more than wee can read was done, either when the Chaldees or Romans begirt their City: And the glosse of St. Ieromeb strengthens this conjecture; When the Fathers, saith he, did eate the Sonnes, or the Sonnes their Fathers, is not related in any History, and yet it was to be done openly in the midst of them, and as it were in the sight of the Sunne. But if the Jewes bee plan∣ted in that Westerne World, we shall soone find the ac∣complishment of that Prophecie from Heaven, for c there be Caniballs and Man-eaters in great multitudes; some whose trade is Homo cupium, & Homo capium, hung∣ring and hunting after Mans flesh, and devouring it, whose greedy bellies have buried Millions of them, these Carybes are scattered all the Countrey over, the Mauhacks are such, and so neare they are, or were to some of our d Planters, that finding an Englishman, they eate one part of him after another, before his face, while he was yet alive. If it be said, they eate none but strangers, or enemies, not Fathers their Sonnes, &*à contra,fPeter Martyr removes that scruple, by af∣firming, if they want the flesh of Foes and Forraigners, they eate then one another, even their owne g kinred & allies, as he writes that added the Centons to hSolinus.

Page  19 If it be objected, those Caniballs are of a different Nature and Nation from the rest, Peter Martyr answers that also, supposing all the Inhabitants to bee of one stock, because they use all one and the same kind of Bread, every where called Maiiz, and their Cymbae Uni-ligneae, their Canoes and Boats are in all places a∣like, and as i those Western Nations generally call their Boats Canoes, and their Bread Maiiz, so their common word for wine is Chichia, for swords Macanas for Kings Caciques.

And if the Americans bee Jewish, the Spaniards have yet in another sense fulfilled that Prediction of Ezekiel, for their owne Bishop kBartholomeus de las Casas writes, how they tooke Indians 10000, some∣times 20000 abroad with them in their Forragings, and gave them no manner of food to sustaine them, but the Flesh of other Indians taken in Warre, and so Christian-Spaniards set up a shambles of mans flesh in their Army; children were slaine and roasted, men were killed for their hands and feet sakes, for those they esteemed the onely delicate parts: this was most hideous and most barbarous inhumanity, the Tidings whereof was soone carryed through the Land, and overwhelmed the Inhabitants with Horror and Asto∣nishment.