Ievves in America, or, Probabilities that the Americans are of that race. With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectuall endeavours to make them Christian.
Thorowgood, Thomas, d. ca. 1669.

The Reader is entreated with his pen to amend these mistakes of the Presse.

IN the Epistle Dedicatory, remove the note at the bottome of the Margin in the third page of (b) to the second line of the next page. Page 5. line 12. read Comestor. p. 16. l. 19. r. and un∣easie. p. 18. l. 3. r. è contra. p. 21. 1. Witekind in the margent. p. 21. l. 16. r. they were. p. 22. l. 23. r. Maternus. p. 24. l. 19. r. records indeed. p. 32. l. last. r. thou. p. 49. l. 28. r. Israel was. p. 50. l. 8. adde, should so farre, and so suddenly degenerate. p. 6. l. 32. r. converting. p. 76. l. 31. r. for our, the. p. 80. l. 20. r. your charity. p. 93. l. 13. r. Leitourgy. and l. 15. r. pray that. p. 93. l. 15. r. holy Spirit. Our books tell us. p. 107. l. 30. r. too late. p. 118. l. 11. r. hujus. p. 113. p. 126. l. 4. r. 16, &c. p. 136. l. 12. r. their lands.