The wall & glory of Jerusalem, in a sermon preached in St. Pauls-Church London, before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor, Lord General, aldermen, Common Council, and companies of the Honorable City of London, February 28. 1659. Being a day of solemn thanksgiving unto God, for restoring the Parliament and Common Council, and for preserving the City. By Edward Reynolds D.D.
Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676.
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To the Right Honorable THOMAS ALEYN Lord Mayor of the City of LONDON, The Court of Aldermen and COMMON COUNCIL.

Right Honorable,

AMongst all the exceed∣ing great and precious Promises which the Lord hath made unto his People, these are of a very ra∣diant Lustre, and special Magni∣tude; * That he would appoint a place for them, and plant them, that they should dwell in a place Page  [unnumbered] of their own, and move no more, neither should the Chil∣dren of Wickedness afflict them any more as before time. That he would build them and not pull them down,*and plant them and not pluck them up, and give them an Heart to know him, and to return unto him with their whole Heart. Whereby we understand, that Stability and Sanctity, Healing and Holiness, are two most Eminent and Signal Mercies of God unto a People, who have been long exercised with Breach upon Breach, and emp∣tied from Vessel into Vessel. How sad the Condition of these discomposed and dilacerated Page  [unnumbered] Nations hath been; how dole∣ful the Earthquakes and Concus∣sions both in Church and State; how daring the Insolencies and Attempts of men of unstable minds destitute of solid and steady Prin∣ciples, acted by the various and quo∣tidian Conduct of changeable and domestical Interests, have been a∣gainst our Jachin and our Boaz, Authority in our Parliaments, and Ministry in our Churches, hath been so well known both at home and abroad, as to render these Nations a Shame to them∣selves, and a Ludibrium to the World. What the great Works are which the Lord by the won∣derful Series and Vicissitudes of Page  [unnumbered] Providence is doing in the midst of us, the Hearts of his Servants, hanging in suspence between Hope and Fear, do tremulously attend upon, and labor to understand. When we consider the maturity of our mighty Sins, we have great reason to fear his Wrath; and when we observe the progress of his Wonderful works, we have some comfortable Encouragement to hope for the renewall of his Mer∣cy. And that so much the rather, because he hath stirred up your hearts in this great City to return unto him the glory due unto his name for his goodness to these Nations, in restoring the Par∣liament, and unto your selves, in Page  [unnumbered] restoring your Council, and healing the Wound inflicted on the Honor of this Renowned City. That the Lord will be graciously pleased to crown and consummate the Mer∣cies which he hath begun, in guide∣ing the hearts of the people to chuse for this next Parliament, men of Eminency for Piety and Pru∣dence, who may come with healing Spirits, and make it their business to repair our Breaches, and be the Restorers of Paths to dwell in, who may lay to heart the Interest of Christ and his Church, and pro∣mote purity of Doctrine and Wor∣ship, due Administration of Holy Ordinances, and whatever may conduce to the Power of Godli∣ness, Page  [unnumbered] and the Comfort of all that love the Lord Jesus in sincerity; That he will be pleased to set his Eye and his Heart upon this City for good, and to dwell in it night and day, to be a Wall of Fire about it, and the Glory in the midst of it, to appoint Salvation for Walls and Bulwarks unto it, is and shall be the hearty Prayer of

Your most humble and Faithful Servant in the Lord, EDWARD REYNOLDS.

March 14. 1659.