Master Pyms speech in Parliament. Wherein is expressed his zeal and reall affection to the publike good. As also shewing what dangers are like to ensue by want of their enjoying the priviledges of Parliament. With the generall occasion of grief to the House, thorough His Majesties alienating himself from his Parliament in his opinions. Whereunto is added, some passages that hapned [sic] the ninth of March, between the Kings Majesty, and the committee of both Houses, when the declaration was delivered. What passed the next day, when His Majesty delivered his answer.
Pym, John, 1584-1643.
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What passed the next day, when His Majesty delivered His Answer.

WHich was read by the Earl of Holland to the rest of the Committee; And that being done, his Lordship endeavoured to perswade His Majesty to come neer the Parliament: Whereunto His Majesty answered, I would you had given me cause; but I am sure this De∣claration is not the way to it. And in all Aristotles Rheto∣ricks there is no such Argument of perswasion. The Earl of Pembroke thereupon telling Him that the Parliament had humbly besought His Majesty to come neer them a∣foresaid: His Majestie replyed, He had learnt by our Declaration, that words were not sufficient. His Majesty being then again moved by the said Earl of Pembroke to expresse what He would have said: He would whip a Boy in Westminster School, that could not tell that by His An∣swer: And further said, They were much mistaken, if they thought His Answer of that, a denyall. And being also asked by the said Earl of Pembroke, Whether the Militia might not be granted, as was desired by the Par∣liament for a time. His Majesty swore, by God, not for an hour; you have askt that of me in this, was never askt of a King, and with which I will not trust my Wife and Children.

His Majesty said, The businesse of Ireland will never be done in the way that you are in, Four hundred will never do that Work: It must be put into the hands of One. If I were trusted with it, I would pawn my Head, to end that Work. And though I am a begger my Self, yet (speaking with a strong asseveration) I can finde Money for that.