Emmanuel: a thanksgiving-sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons upon their solemn day of praising God for the victory obtained by the Parliaments forces in Southvvales. In the church of Margarets Westminster, May 17. 1648.
Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.
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To the Honourable THE House of Commons Assembled in PARLIAMENT.

IN obedience to your commands, I here humbly present to publique view, what you were pleased with ready affections lately to attend unto. In it is cleared how vain the attempts of all men are against the people and Cause of God; and these seasonable Mercies and Deli∣verances may help to confirm us in waiting for the full accomplishment of all these promises. I confesse for our unworthy walking, and little improving many like Mercies, we continue still in a low condition, and lye under many heavie pressures; our times are like that day in Zach. 14. Neither clear nor dark, not day nor night, we are cast down, but not forsaken of our God, no not *though our land be filled with sin against the holy One of Israel, God sill appears in the mount of our difficulties: Page  [unnumbered] Methinks this his gracious dealing shews how willing he is yet to heal our backslidings, to take away our iniquities, to doe us good, and to preserve and establish us a people to himself. O! that God would now in the end teach this Nation to leave struggling one against another for a curse, and all to joyn together to wrastle with him for a blessing, and seek him in his own Gospel-way. O! that God would perswade such of this Nation who are engaged against the cause of God, to leave plotting and contriving of De∣signes, which shall not prosper, and in stead thereof joyn hands with those who desire to see the prosperity of Zion. And that all who are engaged in this Cause of God, would labour to manage it in Gods own way; That they would remember their Covenant, what they have sworn and promised; and by his grace study to make it good, how abundantly should we finde the fruits of his loving kind∣nesses showred down upon us! That this may be the study and endeavour of you all who represent the whole Commo∣nalty of this Nation; is the humble and earnest prayer of

Your humble Servant in Christ, STEPHN MARSHALL.