Church-government and church-covenant discussed, in an answer of the elders of the severall churches in New-England to two and thirty questions, sent over to them by divers ministers in England, to declare their judgments therein. Together with an apologie of the said elders in New-England for church-covenant, sent over in answer to Master Bernard in the yeare 1639. As also in an answer to nine positions about church-government. And now published for the satisfaction of all who desire resolution in those points.
Mather, Richard, 1596-1669., Mather, Richard, 1596-1669. Apologie of the churches in New-England for church-covenant., Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660., Davenport, John, 1597-1670.

But this Covenant was of the whole Church with God, and therefore*not like our Church-Covenants, which are between the Church and the members, concerning watchfulnesse over one another, and the like.

Our Church-Covenants are with the Lord himselfe, as was* shewed before in the description thereof. For watchfulnesse and duties of edification one towards another, are but branches of the Lords Covenant, being duties commanded by the Law: and so it was with that people of Israel, who when they promised and Co∣venanted to walke in all the wayes of God; in all his statutes and commandements and judgements, they promised these duties of love and watchfulnesse and edification one towards another, be∣cause these were duties commanded and required of God, Lev. 19: 17. Deut. 29 8. the neglect whereof in the matter of Achan was the sinne of all the Congregation▪ and brought judgement upon them all, Josh. 7. 11, 12. Yea by this Covenant they were bound to duties towards them that were not then present, but children af∣terward to be borne, and proselytes, that afterward should be ad∣ded Page  8 to them, ver. 14, 15. Like as our Church-Covenants are with them that now are, and that hereafter shall become members of the same Church. When Jehojada made a Covenant between the King and the people, 2 King. 11. 17. that Covenant was but a branch of the Lords Covenant with them all, both King and peo∣ple: for the King promised but to Rule the people righteously, ac∣cording to the will of God: and the people to be subject to the King so Ruling. Now these duties of the King to them, and of them to the King, were such as God required in his Covenant, both of him and them: and so it is in Church-Covenant, the duties of the Church to the members, and the members to the Church, and one another, are no other but such as the Gospel and the Co∣venant of grace requireth both of the Church and the members of it in their severall places.