Church-government and church-covenant discussed, in an answer of the elders of the severall churches in New-England to two and thirty questions, sent over to them by divers ministers in England, to declare their judgments therein. Together with an apologie of the said elders in New-England for church-covenant, sent over in answer to Master Bernard in the yeare 1639. As also in an answer to nine positions about church-government. And now published for the satisfaction of all who desire resolution in those points.
Mather, Richard, 1596-1669., Mather, Richard, 1596-1669. Apologie of the churches in New-England for church-covenant., Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660., Davenport, John, 1597-1670.
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If you with them hold Church-Covenant, you iustifie them in all*their wayes of seperation and erronious opinions.

Not so, for many of them hold that there are no visible Chri∣stians* that stand members of the Parishes in England, and that it is not lawfull to hold any private Religious communion with such persons; and that the parishionall Assemblies are none of them true Churches, and that it is not lawfull to hear any of those Ministers to preach the Word, none of which are justified at all by holding Church-Covenant, though they do hold the same; There is no such necessarie and inseparable connexion betweene these opinions, and that of Church-Covenant, that he that holds this, must needs hold the other also.