True religion in the old way of piety and charity. Delivered in a sermon to the Lord Major and Court of Aldermen of this city of London, at their anniversary meeting on Munday (commonly called Easter-Munday) at the Spittle, 1645.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.
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To the Reader.

UPon the survey of this Epistle to the Right Honourable Thomas Atkins, the now Lord Major, &c. I conceived it not amisse to adde something more by way of caution; which howsoever it needed not to those that know me, yet being now cast upon strange men, and strange times, I cannot speak too plainly; be pleased then to know, that the men of whom I speak, are not such as are truly (that is, universally, charitably and peaceably) conscionable, nor such as I there∣fore distaste, because they be of a different opinion in some things from my selfe: No, the Lord keep me from quarrelling men, be∣cause their light is more or lesse then mine, if that be all their crime, and from judging their conscience; whilest ther's no more in it but conscience, reaching after further infor∣mation, these be not the men I meane, but men of another spirit, who condemne the things they doe not understand, and goe up∣on Page  [unnumbered]principles, and in wayes that will mar all if they be not timely lookt to: What their cour∣ses and tenents be, I am loth to make too pub∣like, & therfore rather intimated then expres∣sed them before, & now do much rather desire their buriall then their life; to that end, I said something to the honourable Governours and godly Citizens of this place; and doe further implore and beseech all others who desire the peace of the Church, the prosperity of the City, the advancement of Christs Kingdome, to bring some Buckets towards the quenching of these wild and unnaturall fires amongst us; yea and above the rest, I humbly pray those of my Brethren to lend herein their hand & help, who are not (as they conceive) indulgent to∣wards them, at least (as others think) most prevailing with them. This is all, and this I hope is enough, being added to that which al∣ready hath passed the Presse.

Robert Harris.