Jamaica viewed with all the ports, harbours, and their several soundings, towns, and settlements thereunto belonging together, with the nature of it's climate, fruitfulnesse of the soile, and its suitableness to English complexions. With several other collateral observations and reflexions upon the island.
Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708.
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Reflex. VII.

7. THat though Infant-Settlements, like Infant-years, are usually most fatal; yet their Blossomes once Set, are not so easily Blasted. Happily experimented in Iamaica, whose Blooming hopes now thrive so well, and their Stocks so well Rooted, that they are not easily Routed. The Major part of the Inhabitants being old West-Indians, who now Naturalized to the Countrey, grow the better by their Transplantation, and flourish in health equivalently comparable to that of their Mother-Sotl. For which I need not beg credit, since there is no Coun∣trey Disease (as at Virginia and Suri∣nam) endemically raging throughout the Isle; nor any new and unheard of distempers that want a name.

So that a wise man needs no other Physick there but his Temperance, Page  81scarcely craving Hospital assistance so much as we in England, nor have any more reason to deify an Aesculapius.

And therefore we consult our fears, rather then the dangers, when the ve∣ry name of Travell into Foreign Parts, doth so much affright us, espe∣cially into so serene an Aire as breathes in Iamaica, that owns nothing but it's distance to dismay us from it's visit; The Indies being no such Bugbear as they are (usually pourtray'd. In vindi∣cation therefore,

For Travel, take this APOLOGY.
PRithee, perswade me not, my Dear,
You do mistake my Fates, I fear.
Page  82
My Glass will run no sooner out,
Though I do range the World about.
Could my stay here, bribe a delay,
From the pale Sisters, I would stay.
But 'tis too true (though't be a Fable)
The Sisters are Inexorable;
And are as nimble with their Knife
To those that lead a Home∣bred life.
Brave Rawleigh found (too soon) a Tomb!
Not in the Indies, but at home.
The Destinies did Drake for∣bear
Page  83
In the Antipodes, not here;
And do, like Ladies coy, neg∣lect
Those most, that Court them with respect.
But will Embraces beg & pray
Of those that are as niceas they.
Or, if the froward Stars dis∣pence
With their Malignant in∣fluence,
Adjourning Plagues they use to bring,
In peccant Autumns, or the Spring:
Yet a Consumption, or the Gout,
In Chimney-corner finds us out:
Or, (what is worse) old drive∣ling Age,
Page  84
With all it's loathed Aequipage,
Arrests us, till we have unsaid
The Pray'rs which we for long life made;
Yet, they're forc'd soonest to recant,
That fruits of youthful Travel want:
For knowledge onely doth commend
Old Age; whilest listening Nephews'tend
With greedy ears to catch up all
Old stories, Grand-sires does let fall;
(Thus shortening long Winters Night)
This paliiates Age with some delight,
Page  85
For when the cold Palsey doth seize
On other members, Tongues at ease.
And is the old man's Commen∣damus,
Which without Travel is less famous.
Nay damn'd Exile in this was blest,
Of Kings, it has made ours the best:
Thus Ioseph's Brethrens (meant) Abuse
Rais'd him, the Honour of his House.
Aeneas thus enhanc'd his fame,
From Trojan to the Roman Name.