Jamaica viewed with all the ports, harbours, and their several soundings, towns, and settlements thereunto belonging together, with the nature of it's climate, fruitfulnesse of the soile, and its suitableness to English complexions. With several other collateral observations and reflexions upon the island.
Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708.
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To my honoured Friend. Capt. Edm. Hickeringill; Upon his Reflexions on Iamaica: At his Return.

THis Welcome-home, how blunt so e're it be,
Thou vvilt accept, Dear Mun, coming from me:
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And deign it to attend thy smoother Line,
Mine's honour'd with an Hand∣maid's place to thine:
And though thou knovv'st, thou had'st my Heart before,
Methinks I love thee for this Book the more,
Which I vvould Preface vvith Applauses fit,
(Praising therein my Iudgement, and thy vvit)
But that thou dost detest bespoken Bayes.
Yet Truth compells me to prefix this Praise,
That as Thy pregnant Lines now life doth give
Unto Jamaica; here long shall it live:
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And this epitomiz'd Vrn shall re∣tain
The Indies Memory vvhen they're dead again.

Observ. amicitiae ergo composuit G. E. Med. D.