Jamaica viewed with all the ports, harbours, and their several soundings, towns, and settlements thereunto belonging together, with the nature of it's climate, fruitfulnesse of the soile, and its suitableness to English complexions. With several other collateral observations and reflexions upon the island.
Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708.
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May it please your Majesty,

ALl your Do∣minions, be∣ing the happy Sub∣jectsPage  [unnumbered]of your care, are therefore, the proper objects of your view: If in the throng then, Ja∣maica here humbly presents her self to your Royal pre∣sence, be pleased to Interpret this her obsequiousnesse Page  [unnumbered]to be duty, not in∣trusion. For since your Majesty has already gracious∣ly daign'd this Isle your Royal Patro∣nage, vouchsafe, Great Sir, at some vacant houre to grace It with your auspicious Aspect, Page  [unnumbered]in this Mirrour, with all humility presented by

Your Majesty's faith∣fully devoted Servant, Edm. Hickeringill.