Queen Esthers resolves: or, A princely pattern of heaven-born resolution, for all the lovers of God and their country: opened in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at the monethly fast, May 27, 1646.
Heyrick, Richard, 1600-1667.
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Queen Esthers Resolves: OR A Princely Pattern of Heaven-born RESOLƲTION, For all the Lovers of God and their Country: OPENED IN A SERMON PREACHED BEFORE THE Honourable House of Commons, at the Monethly Fast, MAY 27. 1646.

By RICHARD HEYRICKE, Warden of Christs Colledge in Manchester in Lancashire, and one of the Assembly of DIVINES.

EXOD. 32.32.

Yet now if thou wilt forgive their sin, and if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy Book which thou hast written.

ROM. 9.3.

For I could wish that my self were accursed from Christ, for my Brethren, my kinsmen in the flesh.

JER. 3.9.

They are not Valiant for the Truth upon the Earth.

LONDON, Printed by J. Macock, for LVKE FAVVNE, and are to be sold at his shop, at the sign of the Parrot in Pauls Church-yard. 1646.