A treatise of the rickets being a diseas common to children. Wherin (among many other things) is shewed, 1. The essence 2. The causes 3. The signs 4. The remedies of the diseas. Published in Latin by Francis Glisson, George Bate, and Ahasuerus Regemorter; doctors in physick, and fellows of the Colledg of Physitians at London. Translated into English by Phil. Armin.
Glisson, Francis, 1597-1677., Bate, George, 1608-1669., Regemorter, Assuerus, 1614-1650.

The Names of those Doctors who by written Papers contributed their Observations to our first Exercise upon this Affect.

  • Dr Francis Glisson.
  • Dr T. Sheafe.
  • Dr G. Bate.
  • Dr A. Regemorter.
  • Dr R. Wright, dead.
  • Dr N. Paget.
  • Dr J. Goddard.
  • Dr E. Trench.
Fellows of the Colledg of Physitians at London.