The Quakers shaken: or, A fire-brand snach'd out of the fire. Being a briefe relation of Gods wonderfull mercie extended to John Gilpin of Kendale in Westmoreland. Who, as will appeare by the sequel, was not only deluded, but possessed by the devill.
Gilpin, John, 17th cent.
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THE QUAKERS SHAKEN: OR, A Fire-brand snach'd out of the Fire. BEING A briefe Relation of GODS wonderfull Mercie extended to JOHN GILPIN of KENDALE in WESTMORELAND. Who, as will appeare by the sequel, was not only deluded, but possessed by the Devill.

MATTH. 24. 4, 5.
Take heed that no man deceive you, for many shall come in my Name, saying I am Christ, and shall deceive many.

2 COR. 11 14.
And no marvell, for Satan himselfe is transformed into an Angell of light.

LONDON: Printed for Simon Waterson, and are to be sold at the Crowne in Pauls Church-Yard. 1653.

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THe minde of man destitute of Gods Grace, doth (like untilled ground) luxuriate into wickednesse and vanitie, being very prone to close with the suggestions of the grand adversarie of his soule; yea, though he hath had some taste of the things that are excel∣lent, yet such is his courtefie, that he will be seeking after novelties. Old truths (like the Manna to the Israelites after a constant and continued falling of it) become nauseous: the truth hereof hath beene found in all ages by la∣mentable experience, but especially in these our dayes, which have been as fruitfull of new opinions in matters of Religion, as Africa it selfe of Monsters.

Some (though few in comparison) God is pleased to recall, who have gone astray in this kinde, and to bring them to a cleare sight of their folly, of which number I (by Gods Grace towards me) am one; I desire to acknowledge him in it, and to give him the praise of it, and think my self bound in conscience, as a testimonie of my thankfulnesse to God for my deliverance, to declare it to the world, that so others may heare and feare, and take warning by my example. They who have been lately in the Northerne parts of England, cannot be ignorant how Page  2 prevalent the imposture of Quaking hath been for these nine or ten Moneths last past, in which snare I my selfe (among many poore deluded soules) was taken in May last 1653. though by Gods goodnesse towards me the snare is broaken, and I am escaped; a true account whereof take as followeth.

I being desirous to associate my self with this Faction at their Meeting, and to heare some of them speake (to use their owne expression) acquainted one of their owne with it, viz. George Bayley of Kendale, who gave me great incouragement herein from his owne experience of much advantage received by him in that way: Whereupon I went soone after to their Meeting at Richard Newby's house, where I staid about two houres (viz. from eight till ten at night) where Christopher Atkinson was Speaker, whose drist was to deny all Ministerial teaching and Ordinances, together with all notionall knowledge formerly gained by use of such meanes, to become as though wee had never learned any thing thereby savingly, and to lay a new ground worke, viz. to be taught of God within our selves by waiting upon an inward light, which (as they assert) lies low hidden under the earth, viz. the old man which is of the earth, earthly. Hereupon I resolved to close with them, after which time I was afraid to read any good Books, or heare any preach∣ing Minister, or call to remembrance any thing which I had formerly learned out of Gods Word concerning God or Christ, or mine owne estate, or any other subject contained in Scrip∣ture; for I was perswaded by their teaching, that whatsoever I had learned out of Gods Word by hearing, reading, catechizing, &c. was but notionall carnall, and hanging upon the Tree of Knowledge; in which condition whilst I abode, they affirmed me to be under the Curse, applying this expression though very impertinently▪ Cursed is every one that hangeth on the Tree.

After this, going a second time to one of their Meetings at Edmond Newby's, I had some conference by the way with some of themselves which went with me; amongst other blasphemies one Robert Collison affirmed, that Christ was as man, had his failings, for he distrusted God (quoth he) upon the Crosse, when he cryed out, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? to whom I answered, that then he suffered as an evill doer, and so could not purchase Redemption for us; after this comming home, he Page  3 who then was Speaker, urged us to take up the Crosse daily, and to abide under it: saying, Carry the Crosse all day, and it will keepe thee at night; that this would keep us low and humble, and kill and make alive: further he endeavoured to perswade his Audi∣tors to hearken to a voice within them, teaching that Gods voice was a still voice; after which I resolved in my thoughts to waite for the manifestation of these things within my self.

After a while, going a third time to their Meeting, as I went I was somewhat troubled in my thoughts at the remembrance of that hideous blasphemy uttered by the partie before named, whereupon I spake publickly to them at their Meeting concern∣ing it, telling them that I would not any further joyne with them if they were all of that mind, to which some of them (after much whispering) answered negatively, wishing me not to let it trouble me; for he which spake so to me was not rightly cal∣led; with which answer I was at present satisfied, and did adhere to my former resolution. Not long after I went to another Meeting upon a Lords Day at Robert Collisons house in Kendale, where the aforesaid Atkinson was Speaker, who beginning about nine a clock in the forenoone, continued till three in the after∣noone, in which time he spake much (according to his usuall manner) of the great experience which he had of God from the light within him, which light I not finding to be in my selfe was very much troubled, apprehending my condition to be verie bad, finding nothing but blindnesse and hardnesse, yet I still expected the appearance of that light within me, and earnestly desired that I might fall into quaking and trembling, apprehen∣ding that I should thereby attaine to the immediate discoveries of God unto me. Upon my departure from thence, I perused a Pamphlet set forth by some of the same Faction being in York. Castle, the maine scope of it was against the Ministry; immedi∣ately after walking in my Bed-chamber, I began (as I have formerly desired) to tremble and quake so extreamly, that I could dot stand upon my feet, but was constrained to fall down upon my Bed, where I howled and cryed (as it is usuall with them) in a terrible & hideous manner, to the great astonishment of my family: Neverthelesse I my self was not at all affected with feare, because it was a satisfaction to my former desires, and I looked upon it as the beginning of the pangs of the new birth, Page  4 and expected that the issue of it would be good; when I had con∣tinued about halfe an houre in that condition, I ceased from howling and crying gradually; after which I arose up against beginning to rejoyce, thinking with my selfe that now I could beare witnesse against the Ministers of England as false Prophets and Priests of Baal, because I never found such effects and ope∣rations upon me by so long continuance under their Ministerie; After this going to bed, I was much troubled all that night fol∣lowing in my sleep with dreames concerning my condition, and had a discoverie of my sinnes in particular, especially of Cove∣tuousnesse, the Devill working strongly upon my imagination; I apprehended that all sinne. was about to be hewed downe, and rooted up in me, and (to my apprehension) the sinne of Cove∣tuousnesse had great long rootes which did visibly appeare to me when it was rooted up: Afterwards lying awake, and think∣ing upon the dreames and visions I had formerly been troubled with, I sensibly perceived something (as I imagined) lighting upon my neck, giving me a great stroke which caused much paine to me, and after that another which was lesse then the first, and so a third and fourth, each stroke being lesse then the former, and each stroke descending lower down, till it came to the middle of my back, and then I thought something entered into my body, which I perswaded my selfe (from Satans instiga∣tion) to be the Spirit of God descending upon me like a Dove and entring into me, whereupon I heard (in my conceit) a voice within me saying, It is day; whereupon looking up and perceiv∣ing it to be light, I answered Yes; the voice replyed twice over to me, and said, as certaine as it is light, so certainly shall Christ give thee light.

After this I continued two or three daies waiting for further discoveries of light within me, being rapt up into an extasie of excessive joy, and sometimes againe exceedingly dejected with feares and doubts of my condition, whether it were really good, or I were under Satans delusions; yet still I waited for further manifestations, and walking into the Garden, lying down upon the ground with my face towards the earth, my right hand be∣gan extreamly to shake, so as I could not hold it still, the mean∣ing whereof whilst I was wondering what it should be, and ap∣prehending my selfe as being shaken by the hand, I was brought Page  5 into another rapture of great joy, imagining it to be a figure of my spirituall Marriage and Union with Christ. Then present∣ly I was by the power within me raised, and set upon my feet, and by the same power turned and laid upon my back, with my face cowards the skie; at which time all my sinnes particularly were against brought into my memorie, and at the remembrance of everie sin, my hand was carried round about with giving a little pat upon the ground, and then I imagined I heard a voice saying, now such a sinne is mortified; after which I being per∣swaded by it, that all my sinnes were mortified by it one by one; the power that I was then acted by, permitted me to arise up againe of my selfe, saying unto me, Aske whatsoever thou wilt of the Father in my name, and he will give it thee: I replied, I know not what to aske, and therefore desired that power to teach me what I should aske; he answered me againe, and bid me aske Wisdome in the first place; whereupon I desired also that God would give me such things as were most for his glorie and the good of others; whereunto the power answered, that my request was granted, and that I should also be indewed with the gift of Pro∣phecy and singing praises to God; wherewith being satisfied, I went to another Meeting within an houre after, at William Doddings house in Kendale, which was the fifth and last Meeting that I was at with them, where Christopher Atkinson being Speak∣er, I was much more affected with what he spake then formerly, as being able more inwardly to witnes in part to what he spoke. After he had done, and a little pause had, the companie rose up, as if they had been readie to depart; I my selfe was readie to go away with the first, but the Wife of the house (Isa: Dodding) tooke me by the hand, and wringing it very hard, bade me sit downe againe, which I did, and presently after one John Ad∣land stood up, and began to speake, saying, cannot you watch one houre? and so proceeded after the usuall manner. In the time of his speaking I was by the power within me drawne from the chaire upon which I sat, and throwne upon the ground in the middest of the companie, where I lay all night; all which time my bodie and all the members of it were still in motion, I being turned from my back to my belly, and so back againe severall times, and making crosses continually with my legges one over the other; my hands also were carried to and fro upon the Page  6 ground by a compulsive power, as if I had been writing upon the ground; in all which actions and motions, I acted not in the least measure by a naturall power of mine owne, neither did I resist or could I resist that power which acted me, but was al∣together passive, I was perswaded that it was the immediate power of Christ, and heard to my thinking a voice speaking to me and saying, that that writing with my hand upon the ground did signifie the writing of the Law within my heart. Having laine all night upon the ground in the manner aforesaid, the power (as before in other actions) moved my hands to my head, and laid them upon the top thereof fast closed together, whereupon I heard a voice saying, Christ in God, and God in Christ, and Christ in thee; which words I was compelled to sing forth before the companie in a strange manner, and with such a voice as was not naturally mine owne: I sung also divers phrases of Scripture, which were given into me; after which I was raised from the ground, and set upon my feet by the power within me, which bade me be humble, and brought me downe againe upon my knees, and with a whispering voice said to me, stoope low, low; and having stooped neere the ground with my face, it said to me, take up thy Crosse and follow me; whereupon arising I was led out of the house (by the back doore) downe to the Ri∣ver, and back againe from thence into the Towne another way, where I was sensibly drawn down the street, and caused sudden∣ly to turne aside to a doore of an house (my selfe not knowing who lived in it) two of the said companie following me all the time, (viz.) William Dodding and Jehn Awdland, and see∣ing me to go to that doore said, whether wilt thou go? this is the fidlers house; I answered, whose house soever it be Christ leades me hither, and hither I must go, whereupon my hand was carried to knock at the doore, and commanded by a voice to say, Behold, Christ stands at the doore and knockes; after a while the Fidler opened, and I was led into the house not speaking any thing unto him; where my hand was carried to a Bace-violl hanging up in the house; I tooke it downe and began to plaie upon it with my fingers, and was immediately compelled to fall a dancing, which I seldome or never in all my life did before; hereupon I questioned what power it should be that carried me forth to such actions, to which the voice within me replied; Page  7This is not because I love musick, for I hate it, but to signifie unto thee what joy there is in heaven at thy conversion; as also what spirituall melodie thou shalt have hereafter: then I was led out of the house into the street, and so carried along through the Towne, being moved to proclame as I went, I am the way, the truth, and the life, with other expressiōs to like purpose; after which I was brought to mine owne house, the aforesaid William Dodding going along with me, acknowledged that he had no power to leave me all this time; being come home, the same power would not suffer me to rest, but cast me upon the ground, and caused me to make circles round about the house with my hand, with many the like actions, telling me, that I was putting off the oldman; my hand also was carried to take up a stone which lay upon the floore (which in my apprehension was in the forme of a mans heart) the voice within me telling me, that Christ had taken that stone out of my heart, and given me an heart of flesh, and my hand was moved to hold it forth to the spectators, and my tongue to utter this sentence, except you see signes and wonders you will not beleeve; and throwing the aforesaid stone amongst them I said, Loe, here is my heart of stone; afterwards being cast upon the ground upon my back, the voice spake to me, saying, thou shalt have two angels to keep thee, whereupon imediatly two Swallows descended downe the Chimney, and sat upon a shelfe over a∣gainst the place where I lay: this others in the house besides my selfe beheld, and I cried to them, my angels, my angels, being per∣swaded that they were angels from heaven, and that it was a fulfilling the promise; I held out my hand towards them ex∣pecting they should have come to me, but they did not, but as∣cended up the Chimney, though both the doore and the window were open.

I was also by the same power carried out of doores upon my hands and knees into the street, which my Wife and others see∣ing endeavoured to hinder me, but I told them I would not be hindred, but leave Wife, Children, and all to follow Christ: in this manner I went up the street, thinking that I bore a Crosse upon my neck, and continued in this motion till some pulled me out of the mire and durt, and by force carried me into the house againe; whereupon I was moved to point to one of them which brought me in, and to say to her, Cbrist points at thee, th••Page  8 art a wicked woman, and hast hindred the worke of the Lord; then the voice asked me where my Crosse was, telling me I had scat∣tered it, whereupon I was moved to make a Crosse with my fin∣ger upon the floore, and forced to set my head upon it, playing topsie turvie, or bull necks, thinking then I had retaken up my Crosse: in these actions I was kept a long while, having many Scripture expressions given in, to the admiration of all that heard me; sometimes I was forced to leap and dance, this ex∣pression being given in to me, now I have finished the worke which thou gavest me to de, thinking my Redemption then fully ac∣complished; but my joy continued not, for I was cast downe againe, and the voice told me, I had offended God in attributing that to my selfe which was proper to Christ; whereupon I was cast upon the ground, and lying upon my belly, I was forced to lick the dust, and my hand carried to strike extraordinarily up∣on my head, having a voice given me, that no sinne must go un∣punished; so creeping up and downe the house, I heard a voice saying, where is thy Cross? upon which looking aside, I thought I saw a visible Crosse hanging in a thread, which with my hand I put behind my neck; I was kept in these postures all that day till evening, when many Quakers came in to me, who spake no∣thing but thus, Be lowly, mind thy condition, and hearken to the voice within; not giving any words of comfort or reproofe, or put∣ting up any Petition at all for me, but departed, leaving me in this condition; my strength being almost spent, and my bodie much consumed by continuall restlessenesse: Two of them of∣fered to watch with me that night, but I refused, telling them I was well, whereupon they departed. After this my Wife and Family being gone to bed, I being alone in the house, began to ••collect my selfe, and to question whether that power by which I had been so strangly acted, were Divine or Diabolicall? where∣upon I was immediately struck with a pannick feare, and my hand was carried to take up a Knife which lay upon the Table, which being done, my hand was carried with it towards my throat, and the voice said to me, open a hole there, and I will give thee the words of eternall life; whereupon I answered, what, with a Knife? and so threw the Knife away, being consident it was a temptation, from which I desire God to deliver me: My Wife being in bed in the next roome, and hearing me speake when Page  9 none was with me, came out, and desired me to go to bed, which I did at her entreatie: all the night following I was fully re∣solved that it was the Devils power that had acted me all along formerly, and was perswaded that I was really possest with a Devil, which must be ejected; & in the morning I verily thought that a Devill went out of me, at which instant I roared very hideously, crying, now is the Devill gone out of me, at which in∣stant I and my family heard it thunder, (though none in the Towne besides heard it) which made me thinke it was the De∣vill, he being the Prince of the power of the aire; soone after the same power came under another notion and told me, that it was Satan that had possest and led me heretofore, but now Christ was come, and be by his power had east out Satan, and convinced me, that what ever I had done the day before was in obedience to Satan, and that as I had served the Devill all the day before in my clothes, so that day I must undo all that I had formerly done, onely in my shirt in Obedience to Christ; which immediately I endeavoured, rising out of my bed, and going into the street with my shirt onely; but my wife and others soone laid hold upon me, and stopt me; whereupon the power within me told me, that I must be carried into the house with foure women, as I had been the day before, or else I should perpe∣tually stand there like a pillar of Salt, as Lots Wife did: So I was borne in by foure women, who carried me againe into my bed, which being done, I told them, I had been doing the Devils worke the day before, but to day I must doe the work of Christ, and pointing at a woman whom I had pointed at the day before, said these words, the devill told me yesterday that you were a wicked woman, but now Chrisi tels me that you are Gods Servant; the Woman being de∣parted, I fell to acting in my shirt onely, upon the bed, as I had done formerly upon the house floore, playing topsie survie from one bed to another, whereby I might have undone my selfe; but the power which acted me, bid me not feare, for I will give thee strength. After this the power told me; that the devill had the other day commanded me to beare my Cross, but now Christ commands thee to lay aside thy Cross, for Christ takes no pleasure in Crosses, nor will he have me worship them as yesterday I had done: Further the power said to me, the devill made thee yesterday to lye all day upon the ground, but now I bave provided a bed for thee, giving in this Scripture to me, My yoke is easie; promising also, to give me bread Page  10 of life to eat, and water of life to drinke, and that out of my belly should flew Rivers of living water; whereupon my teeth were caused to move, as if I had been eating; and I thought I felt in my belly, a flowing up and downe as of waters, I was also per∣swaded that yesterday the Devils Angells had waited on me, but now Christs Angels should guard me; whereupon I saw two Butter flies in the window, to which my hand was carried, and having taken one of them in my hand, I was moved by the pow∣er within me to put it into my mouth, and did swallow it down into my bodie, which having done, I tooke the other in my hand and was moved to put it to my throat, the power telling me, it should enter in there, saying, nothing is impossible to them that beleeve. After this I was caused to make circles upon the bed, as I had done formerly upon the ground; whereupon I began to thinke that this was not of God, and so began to resist the pow∣er by which I was acted, and thereupon fell into great feare and doubting, crying out, Lord what wilt thou have me to doe? but the power told me, that it was too late to cry unto God, for sentence was already pronounced against me; whereupon I lay downe in my bed nuch despairing, and was then convict, that it was the devill which had againe deluded me; in which condition having laine a short space, I was againe assaulted by a power the third time, which told me, that it was a white devill that bad deceived me the latter time, but new Christ was come inded, and he would cast him out, whereupon I apprehended that Devill also to be ejected; after which, as I lay in my bed, all the members of my bodie fell a working as if the pangs of death had been upon me, the power telling me, that it was the pangs of the new birth, and that Christ was new borne in me, with which I was somewhat satisfied, lying in that condition a whole day; in which time the power perswaded me that I should worke wonders, and cast out devils in his name: soon after two Quakers came to me, viz. Geo. Bayley & J. Braban, whom I told that I had had two devils cast out of me, but now Christ was in me for a truth; then the power (pretending to be Christ) said these words, I was crowned with a crown of thornes, but I will crown thee with a crown of glory, and bad me (as a figure thereof) to set my fist upon my head and it should appeare to the standers by as a glorious crown, though I saw nothing my selfe; which having done, I spake to the standers by, saying, what do you see? whereunto they Page  11 gave me no answer (being Quakers) but turned their eies another way, the power telling me, that they saw the crown upon my head; but were so strucken with admiration, that they could not expresse what they saw; immediately the power bad me tell one of the Quakers then present, that he had a devil in him, and that I should have power to cast him out; whereupon I said to him, G. thou hast a Devill in thee, the power told me he should quake and tremble, which im∣mediately he did; the power bade me speake to him to fall flat upon the ground, which he did, and after a little space rose againe, and I asked him whether the devil were gone out of him (having been before perswaded by the power that I should cast him out) to which he gave me no answer, but the power told me that the Devill warejected. I was told also by the same power who (of those that came to see me) bad devills, and who not; and that my wife and my mother bad devills in them, but I had power given me to cast them out. After this, beginning againe to question whether this were Christ or not, I fell into great feare and doubting, as formerly; whereupon the devil discovered himself to be the de∣vil, and told me, that all this while I had been serving him, and blas∣pheming God, and that it was now too late to repent, whereupon I was brought into despaire for a time, thinking every thing which I either heard or saw, to be the Devil come to fetch me away: one while I thought that I should be taken away in a flame of fire, or else that the earth would swallow me up quick; whereupon I called my wife, and desired her to bring up my children in the feare of God, for the devill would fetch me away, my selfe still thinking that he was drawing me out of the bed; thus I appre∣hended my selfe wholly under the power of the devil, and had no power to recover my selfe out of that sad condition. At last I began (having been so long deluded) to desist from hearkning to the voice within me, and apply my self unto God, in & through Christ, for deliverance from the power of Satan, knowing that God was able to deliver me, though I were so farre involved in the snare of the devill; thereupon my faith was in some measure raised to beleeve that God would deliver me; whereupon I was presently in a great agonie, and did sweat extreamly, in which condition I continued all night, but was somewhat more chear∣full in the morning, esteeming my selfe in some measure rescued from the povver of the devill: yet having not resolved, as yet Page  12 finally to desert that vvay, I vvas soone againe assaulted by the same povver, telling me, that now the devil was finally cast out of me, and that the roome within me must not be left empty, but that Christ must come and have the whole, & sole possession, or else Satan would re∣turn and re-enter with seven other Devils worse then himselfe, telling me vvithall, that he was Christ, and solliciting me to entertaine and imbrace him as he had done formerly: I resisted the suggesti∣ons of this power for a time, having bin so often deluded; where∣upon as a motive to perswade me to entertain it, he represented to my memorie all, or most of the remarkable passages of my life, both in England and Scotland, told me how long I should live, viz. ten yeares, and where I should die, viz at London, and that I had a weake bodie, but he would strengthen it, and thereupon caused me to rub my bodie all over with my hands, at which in∣stant I conceived my bodie to receive strength, and the members thereof to be more in substance then before; with divers other passages, promising me prosperitie in the world, and speaking these words to me. John 4. 29. Behold, a man that hath told thee all things that ever thou didst, is not this Christ? whereupon I was at last perswaded to imbrace this power, thinking that it was Christ indeed; whereupon I was presently sensible of a working throughout my whole bodie, which soone ceased, and then I thought that my condition was good, and Christ to be really in me: afterwards this power told me, that I had highly offended God in all my former passages in giving way to Satan, and that I was guiltie of all sins except that against the holy Ghost, but told me, that I did it ignorantly, and therefore he had pitty on me; I was further perswaded by the same power, that I should lie (seemingly) dead, which I did, not daring to stirre, til the power moved me. Lying thus a while, the power began first to move one of my legs, and then the other; after that my hands, and then my head, and at last my whole bodie; causing me to sit up in my bed; and telling me, that thus should my body be quickened and raised up a∣gain at the last day: then the power told me, that I must pull off my shirt, and my cap, and the napkin which I had about my neck, saying, that whatsoever was about me was polluted, and that he hated the gar∣ments spotted with the flesh; whereupon I pull'd them off, & threw them on the ground, uttering these same words, that I hated the garments spotted with the flesh: the power also told me, that all my Page  13 bonds were broken, and my cords loosened, and that Christ had set me free; vvhereupon calling for a clean shirt, & other linnen, I arose, concluding my self to be in a good condition; yet finding my self being up no better, nor my bodie more strengthened, but rathet vveakened, I began to see that I had been deluded in this last busi∣nesse as formerly; vvhereupon I was strucken with fear, & walk∣ing into the Garden, I thought one while tbat the Devill would pull me into the earth, and another while that he would pull me into the aire, so that I was afraid to continue abroad, and came againe into the house, and suspected every thing that I heard to be the Devil waiting to fetch me away; being in this perplexitie of soule, I began to consider hovv grievously I had offended God in rejecting the use of all externall means; as reading, hearing, prayer, &c. in the use whereof God hath commanded us to vvait upon him, and therefore that it vvas most just vvith him to leave me to my selfe, and to give me over to strong delusion, that I should beleeve lies, vvhich vvas my condition for a time, by the just judgement of God upon me, as for other provocations, so especially for rejecting the revealed vvill of God in his Word, & hearkning only to a voice vvithin me; because vvhat vvas spoken by it, vvas seconded by lying Wonders, of vvhich God hath gi∣ven notice in his Word that so his people might not give credit to them, nor be deluded by them. I hope the Reader vvill so farre give heed to vvhat I have related concerning my selfe, as to learn thereby to take heed of being imposed upon by the devil, though he doth transforme himselfe into an angell of light; vvhich ad∣vantage if any reape by it, I have my end: it hath been no small burthen to my conscience (since Gods gracious deliverance of me from this snare) that I should so farre gratifie the grand Ad∣versarie, as not onely to listen to his suggestions, and embrace his voice for the voice of Christ, but also wholly to neglect those meanes, in the constant and conscientious use whereof God hath promised to reveale himself unto his people, and to give in com∣fort to them, which because I found not (though through my owne default) I did in effect say, why should I waite for the Lord any longer? and so turned unto lying vanities. Oh, that all who affect novelties, would seriously consider of it, and take warning by it; for, Turpius eiicitur quam non admittitur. It is easier to with∣stand the devill at his first assault, then to expell him being once Page  14 admitted: Many besides my self, have bin, and are in the like con∣dition, but few or none to whom the Lord hath manifested his Grace in such a manner as to my selfe: I had before this made this known to the world, had J had tranquillitie of conscience, and composure of spirit, which blessing the Lord having in his grace restored to me, J desire the Christian Reader to joyne with me in returning praises unto the Lord for his goodness towards me; J rest fully perswaded, and J think it doth evidently appear (by what is mentioned in this Relation) to persons unprejudiced, that my quaking & trembling was of the devill, that J was acted wholly and solely by him whilst in this condition, & I doe really beleeve that others in the like condition which J was then in, would be of the same mind with me upon serious tryall of their condition by the principles of Christian Religion, and sanctified Reason; least the strangenesse of some passages in this Relaion, should put the faith of any one upon the racke, or make them question the truth thereof; J have not onely given testimonie my selfe of it, by subscribing my name, but also procured severall persons of known fidelity living in, or neere Kendale, (whose names are under-written) to testifie the probabilitie (if not the certaintie) of the truth of it, by what they have seen and heard.


I beleeve this Relation to he true, Edward Turner Mayor of Kendale.

By what I have heard of the carriage of John Gilpin, and his actings, I do beleeve this Relation to be true, John Awher.

I saw him when he went through the Towne, declaring himselfe the way, truth, and life. Ja. Cocke.

We beleeve this Relation to be true.

  • T. Walker, Pastor of Kendale.
  • J. Myriell Masterf the Free-Schoole there.
  • Rich. Prissoe.
  • Tho. Sandes.
  • Allan Gilpin.
  • John Washington.
  • Rob. Fisher.