Briefe ansvvers to the chiefe articles of religion. By W. Gouge, D.D.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653.
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BRIEFE ANSVVERS TO the chief Articles of RELIGION.


WHo is the maker and go∣vernour of all things?

A. God.

Q What is that e∣state wherin God made all things?

A. Good.

Q. What now is mans naturall e∣state?

A. Miserable.

Q. What maketh man miserable?

A. Sinne.

Q. Against whose Law is sin com∣mitted?

Page  [unnumbered]A. Gods.

Q. Which are the words of Gods Law?

A. I am the Lord, &c.

Q. Are you able to keep this Law?

A. No.

Q. What doe they deserve that sin against this Law?

A. Damnation.

Q Can you free your self from dam∣nation?

A. No.

Q. Have you any hope to be freed by any other?

A. Yes.

Q. Who is that Saviour in whom you have hope?

A. Christ.

Q. What is Christ?

A. God and man.

Q. What hath Christ done for mans Redemption?

A. He died.

Q. Who shall be made partakers of the benefit of his death?

A. Beléevers.

Q. Rehearse those principall Articles that we ought to beleeve?

Page  [unnumbered]A. I beleeve in God, &c.

Q. How is true faith manifested?

A. By Repentance.

Q. What meanes hath God ordained to work faith?

A. His Word.

Q. What other means hath God ap∣pointed to strengthen our faith?

A. Sacraments.

Q. What is to be considered in a Sa∣crament.

A. 1. The outward signe.

2. The inward grace.

Q. How many Sacraments are there?

A. Two.

Q. Which is the first?

A. Baptisme.

Q. What is the outward signe in Bap∣tisme?

A. Water.

Q. What doth that set forth?

A. Christs bloud.

Q. What doth the sprinkling of it up∣on the party baptized set out?

A. Cleansing from sinns.

Q. Into whose name are wee bap∣tized?

A. Gods.

Page  [unnumbered]Q. What do these three Titles, Fa∣ther, Sonne, Holy Ghost, in the forme of Baptisme set out?

A. Thrée persons.

Q. What is the inward grace sealed up by Baptisme?

A. New birth.

Q. Which is the other Sacrament?

A. The Lords Supper.

Q. What are the outward signes in the Lords Supper?

A. Bread and wine.

Q. What doth the Bread set forth?

A. Christs Body.

Q. What doth the Wine set forth?

A. Christs Bloud.

Q. What doth the breaking of the Bread and powring out of the wine set out?

A. Christs suffering.

Q. What doth the Ministers giving of the Bread and wine to the people set out?

A. Gods giving of Christ.

Q. What doth the peoples taking of the Bread and wine, and eating and drin∣king the same set out?

A. Faith in Christ.

Page  [unnumbered]Q▪ What is the inward grace sealed up by the Lords Supper?

A. Communion with Christ.

Q. What is the inward means wher∣by the Word and Sacraments are made effectuall?

A. The worke of Gods Spirit.

Q. What must we doe to obtain this and all other needfull blessings?

A. Pray.

Q. Rehearse the Lords Prayer?

A. Our Father. &c.

Q. What is prepared for the faithfull after this life?

Eternall life.

Q. VVhat for the wicked?

A. Eternall death.

AS it pleaseth thee, ô Father of light, to give me any knowledge of the my∣steries of godlinesse, so I beseech thee to work in me also sound faith, true repen∣tance, new obedience, and to bestow on mee all other blessings needfull for this life, and for the life to come, thorow Iesus Christ our Lord.