Aulicus his hue and cry sent forth after Britanicus, vvho is generally reported to be a lost man.
Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665.
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What now Britanicus, dost thou in thy Vindication vomit out thy poysoned Crocodile teares in slanders, to brand those that are not of thy disposition, in term∣ing them to be Malignants? thou half-headed pesant, I would have thee know they have to their powers, and doe what lyes in them for the generall good of the Par∣liament and Kingdome, and will to the hazard of their lives and fortunes, and yet not endure thy base abusing his Maiesty. I wonder that the Parliament does not take some course against thy folly. First thou callest them Malignants, I grant Rebell, and who does punish thee but the Parliament then in glorying in the name of Royallist, wherein thou slanderest many thousands who are good friends to the State and Kingdome? then thou sayest thou doest not intend to iustifie thy selfe. No thou needest not, but sue rather to the Parliament with a two peny halter about thy necke, and that is the best counsell I can give thee. And for thy paines thou takes in setting out thy Pamphlet, what was thy aime Britanious? I tell thee onely thy profit: And for do∣ing the State service, as thou cals it, I beleeue it hath beene to set the Kingdome together by the eares. And for thy addresse to the Parliament, implore them for some time of repentance and cry not, for they know thou art a slandring Knave, and so adieu Britanicus.