The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the least sin, than there is in the greatest affliction. 2 Sin is most opposite to God. 3 Sin is most opposite to mans good. 4 Sin is opposite to all good in general. 5 Sin is the poyson, or evil of all other evils. 6 Sin hath a kind of infiniteness in it. 7 Sin makes a man conformable to the Devil. All these several heads are branched out into very many particulars.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.


Use 10, & 11. If there be so much Evil in Sin, than turn to Christ, and bless God for Christ.

Use X. TO labor to drive your hearts to Christ; Oh then flie to Christ: Here you have revealed to you that which one would think would terrifie the hearts of men and women, and make them flie to Christ. One would think that revealed con∣cerning the Evil of Sin, should make heaven ring with cries to God for Christ; Oh! none but Christ, none but Christ; what would be∣come of all your souls, if it were not for Jesus Christ? were it not for that glorious Mediator sent to be a Propisiation for sin, and to make an Attonement to the Father for Sin. Christ is Page  483 set up as that Brasen Serpent, that al those stung in Conscience with the venom and poison of sin, might look up to the Brasen Serpent, and be sa∣ved. Is there anie soul, that by all I have said, of the Evil of Sin, finds it self stung with the poison of Sin? Know Christ is that Brasen Ser∣pent that is set up for thee to look upon. If thou find Sin, as the avenger of blood pursue thee, Oh now run to Christ. If thy heart burn, and scorch in the apprehensions of sin; as the Hart brays after the water brooks, so let thy heart bray after Christ, there are cooling and refreshing waters: then indeed, shal that I have delivered, be useful for the souls of poor crea∣tures. When the Soul hath been before the Lord, crying mightilie to heaven for pardon, and part in Jesus Christ, if so be after I have Preached all these Sermons, if God shall hear of Souls, getting alone in their closets, and cry∣ing out, Oh Lord, I never understood what the meaning of Sin was; Oh what a wretched crea∣ture have I been all my daies? now Lord, ex¦cept thou have mercie in thy Son, in the media∣tion of Jesus Christ, through his blood, his heart blood that was shed for sinners; I am a lost and undone Creature for ever: Oh Lord, that wch is done can never be undone; Oh Lord, let me find favor in thy Son, here I am, do with me whatsoever thou please, onlie a pardon; a pardon in Jesus Christ, to deliver me from the guilt, and uncleaness of my sin. Yea, now will God say here is somewhat done, when sinners cries come up to heaven; what hath been doing Page  484 in this Congregation? what is the matter you come crying for Christ? heretofore your hearts were never stirred after Christ, what is the mat∣ter? why stir you so? who hath told you anie thing? As God said to Adam, when God called, and he hid himself, when he comes out, he saith, I was afraid because I was naked: saith God, Who told you that you were naked? So when poor souls cry to heaven for Christ, God may say to the poor soul, Why? what is the matter? who hath told thee any thing? As Christ said to the Pha∣risees, Who hath forwarned you to fly from the wrath to come? So God will say, Why? what is the mat∣ter? who told you this? I hope some poor soul will have experience of this, when you go to pray for Christ, and you shall Pray after ano∣ther manner than formerlie, when your Prayers shall be, even cries to heaven; when God shall say, Why? what is the matter? why cry you more than before? I hope some poor souls, can give a good account of it, and say, I see my self lost and undone without Christ; better be a Dog, or a Toad, or anie thing, than a man, if I have not Christ; because they are not capable of sin, and my heart is full of sin; and I have heard the evil of it, and therefore Oh give me Christ or I am undone: Oh! such a Soul will be exceeding acceptable unto God. And therefore, to such a soul, I propound in the name of the Lord, the Doctrine of Life, and Salvation, and Peace; be it known therefore to you, God the Father, looking upon the sinful Children of men, and seeing them all in a perishing conditi∣on Page  485 by Sin, out of infinite bowels of tender com∣passion, he hath provided a glorious way of Me∣diation, of Propisiation for Sin; and to that end he hath sent his onlie beloved Son, out of his bosom, that hath taken mans Nature upon him, united in a personal union, to that end that he might be a fit Mediator to stand between a provoked God and sinful souls; and this Christ hath born the full vials of the wrath of his Fa∣ther, the curse of the Law due to sin; satisfied infinite divine Justice, made a full Attonement between God and sinful man. Onlie upon these terms now, he doth tender and offer to everie poor wearied distressed soul, al that his Son hath purchased by his blood, all his merits, that they might be an attonement for thy sin, a Propisia∣tion for thy soul, to discharge all thy sin, that thou mightest come through him to stand ac∣quited before the father for ever more. This is the sum of the Gospel, and this I present and Preach it, and offer it to you, and this not onlie to the least sinner, but to the greatest sinner in the world, this I present, as in the name of God, that is the message we have in the name of God to deliver unto you; and now whatsoever your sins have been heretofore, God onlie requires that your souls should now stand admiring at the infinite riches of his Grace in his Son, and that your souls should be taken off from the Crea∣ture, and Sin, and live upon Christ, surrender your souls to him, and cast your souls on that in∣finite rich grace of God in him, and upon that instant, every one of your sins, though never so Page  486 great and hainous, yet I pronounce in the Name of the Lord, everie one of them is pardoned, and all done away, as if they had never been committed, This is the Sum of the Gospel un∣to those that come to see their Sins, and be sen∣sible of their need of Christ by their Sin.

Object. But you will say, This makes all you have done, but a little matter; if Sin may be done away thus, what need all this discovery of the evil of Sin? it is not so great an evil, if it may be thus wash't away?

Answ. Ah poor carnal heart, that speaks thus! Is this a light or little matter? True, it is in a few words, in the end of a Sermon; but be it known to you, There is more in these words I have spake in this last half quarter of an hour, there is more of the glorie of God in them; than in Heaven and Earth beside; not because they come from me, but because I have spoken that which is the Sum of the Gospel; and in truth, in one Sentence of the Gospel, there is more of the glorie of God, than in all Heaven and Earth besides. You must be convinced of this, and know it is so; and if ever you come to be par∣takers of the good of the Gospel, you will see it to be so. Oh Brethren! in that I have said, there is the glorious Mysterie of Godliness; great is the Mysterie of Godliness, God manifest in the flesh; the great Counsel of God, working from all Eternitie, is in this, in the Sum of the Gospel. The greatest work that ever God did, was in sending his Son, and in the offer of his Son to Sinners that their sins might be pardoned. Therefore think it not a smal thing, and hear Page  487 when I call upon Sinners to come and cast their souls upon Christ. It is one of the gloriousest works that ever was done, for a sinful soul to come and close with Christ the Mediator; and if once you come in, your hearts will be so full of the glorie of God, that presentlie all the glorie of the Creature will be darkned in your eyes, and you will be so filled with the glorie of God, that you wil come to see the filthiness of Sin this way as much as in anie way. All the Sermons I have delivered concerning the evil of sin, will not set out the filthiness of Sin to you, as that glorie of God that your hearts will be filled withal, as soon as you come to close with God in this Mysterie of the Gospel. Perhaps it is not so apparant to everie soul; but wait a while, and there will more of the evil of sin be disco∣vered in this, than in anie way.

Ʋse XI. And then the Use that I shall make of it is this, If there be such evil in sin, then bless, bless God for Christ; Blessed is that man and woman whose sin is pardoned, Psalm 32. Oh blessed is he whose sin is forgiven. Certainly it is a bles∣sed thing, that sin should be forgiven; this re∣quires a whol Sermon by it self: I shall but name it now, because I shal (it may be) here∣after speak of this particularly, of the great Blessedness of the Pardon of Sin, onlie take no∣tice of it; any that hath a comfortable assurance of their sin being pardoned, go away rejoycing, Son, Daughter, rejoyce, your sins are pardoned▪ there is enough in that word to bring comfort and joy to your souls.