The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the least sin, than there is in the greatest affliction. 2 Sin is most opposite to God. 3 Sin is most opposite to mans good. 4 Sin is opposite to all good in general. 5 Sin is the poyson, or evil of all other evils. 6 Sin hath a kind of infiniteness in it. 7 Sin makes a man conformable to the Devil. All these several heads are branched out into very many particulars.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.
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THE EVIL of EVILS: OR, The Exceeding Sinfulness OF SIN.*. [Reader, •…is Trea∣ise was first Prea∣ched at Stepney, neer Lon∣don, on the Lordsday mornings t was be∣gun Nov. 29. 1641 and fini∣shed Feb. 27 1641. It is thought good o give the Reader Notice hereof, in espect to ome Ex∣pressions •…d in 〈◊〉 Trea∣•…e.]


There is more Evil in the least Sin, than in the greatest Affliction, Opened in six Particulars, being the General Scope of the whol Treatise.

TO go on to that which remains. I am yet further to make out to you, That Sin is worse than Affliction. First I have shewed, that there is no good at all in Sin; and there is good in Affliction.

Page  31 Now Secondly, There is more Evil in the least Sin, than there is in the greatest Affliction.

This I am now to make out unto you in these Six Particulars.

  • First, Sin is most opposite unto God himself, the chiefest Good.
  • Secondly, Sin is most opposite unto Mans good: Affliction is not so opposite to the good of the Crea∣ture as Sin is.
  • Thirdly, Sin is opposite unto all Good in General; and so will be discovered to be an Ʋniversal Evil.
  • Fourthly, Sin, it is the Evil of all other Evils; it is that which is the very venom and poyson of all other Evils whatsoever, therefore greatest.
  • Fifthly, There is a kind of Infinitness in sin, though not properly Infinite, it cannot be so, yet in the Nature of it, it hath a kind of infinitness.
  • Sixtly, The Evil of it is discovered, In the con∣formity sin hath with the Devil; there is no Creature that conspires against God, but only Devils and Sinful Men.

These be the Six things to be opened, for the discovery of the evil of sin: And I beseech you seriously attend to what shall be delivered in these, for I hope before I have done to make it appear to every ones Conscience that shall vouchsafe to read, attend, and consider what I say, that sin is another manner of business than the World thinks it to be. Oh that your hearts might come to see your selves to be as you are, Page  32 in an ill Case, in a worse condition than you ima∣gin: and 〈◊〉 beseech you give way to this, and be willing to hear it, for though it seem a hard Doctrine, yet it is a Soul saving Doctrine; and for want of this, many thousand thousands of Souls perish, because they never understood what sin meant: Many thousands in ell if they had known what sin had been, it might have de∣livered them from everla••ing flames. God hath reserved you alive, and who knows but for this end, To understand what sin is, that so your hearts may be humbled, and so everlasting∣ly saved through Christ. Brethren, but that the way to understand sin, is the way to be hum∣bled for sin; and to be humbled for sin, is the way to have sin pardoned, and the Soul saved, I should never treat upon such a Do∣ctrine as this is: therefore I beseech you mark what I say, and see whether I do not make out these things I undertake.