Doctor Lamb revived, or, VVitchcraft condemn'd in Anne Bodenham a servant of his, who was arraigned and executed the lent assizes last at Salisbury, before the right honourable the Lord Chief Baron Wild, judge of the assise. Wherein is set forth her strange and wonderful diabolical usage of a maid, servant to Mr. Goddard, as also her attempt against his daughters, but by providence delivered. Being necessary for all good Christians to read, as a caveat to look to themselves, that they be not seduced by such inticements. By Edmond Bower an eye and ear witness of her examination and confession.
Bower, Edmund.
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WHen your Honour was pleased to approve of my intentions of acquainting the World with this Narration, I beheld it with much fear, and had not your Lordships Incouragements an∣swered all the Objections I met with, I had chosen rather to deny the World a knowledge of it by my hand, than to expose it to the Cri∣tical view of this Censorious Age; But now since your Lordships former incouragements have transported me through all difficulties, I humbly lay my endeavours at your Lordships Page  [unnumbered] feet, and hope, that although I have not satis∣fied my own desires, nor others expectation, yet your Lordship will Condescend to the Accep∣tance of my Endeavours, which are in all things to be found at

Your Lordships service. EDMOND BOWER.

From my Chamber in Shaston,April 10. 1653.