Romes destruction, or, Expresse texts and necessary consequences drawn out of the word of God, for the condemning of the doctrine of the Roman church, and justifying of that of the reformed churches first written in French, by C.D.R., a French noble-man ; and now published in English, at the solicitation of divers religious men of this nation by Jam. Mountaine.
C. D. R., Mountaine, James.
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THE MATTERS Contained in this TREATISE.

  • CHAP. I.THat the Word of God is not darke to them that have re∣ceived the Spirit of God, that they may know the things which are freely given them of God. Item, That it containeth all things necessary to Salvation, and by Consequent, that Mens Traditions are vain and unprofitable. Pag. 1.
  • CHAP. II. That it is necessary that all the Faithfull should reade the holy Scriptures, and that they are even Page  [unnumbered] bound thereunto, by the Commande∣ment of our Lord Jesus Christ. p. 23.
  • CHAP. III. That a Man can doe no good worke without the Grace of God, and that our workes theefore are not dispositive for the obtaining of that Grace as our Adversaries say. Pag. 27.
  • CHAP. IV. That our Lord Jesus Christ, hath fully and perfectly satisfied the Justice of God for our sinnes, aswell for the guilt as for the punishment; and Consequently, that it is a vain and an unprofitable thing to desire to satisfie againe unto the same by works. p. 31.
  • CHAP. V. That a Man not be∣ing able to satisfie the Justice of God for his owne sinnes; cannot by Conse∣quent satisfie for the sinnes of others. p. 44.
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  • CHAP. VI. That the pretended treasure of the Romane Church, was onely established to make void the me∣rits of Christ, and to make a little Saint of him that no body may know among the rest of the Saints. Pag. 50.
  • CHAP. VII. That our good works have no merit at all, and that all the merits of the Faithfull are in one Christ alone. Pag. 57.
  • CHAP. VIII. That the Invoca∣tion of Saints departed, is contrary unto the Word of God, and tendeth to no other end but to give unto the crea∣ture the honour and glory that belon∣geth unto the Creator. p. 64.
  • CHAP. IX. That the Images of the Romane Church, are made against the Commandement of God; and that the Adoration they give unto them, is meere Idolatry. p. 74.
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  • CHAP. X. That foure Rules shew unto us that there is a Figure in these words, This is my Body: and that the Transubstantiation of the bread into the body of Christ, is con∣trary unto the truth of God, and de∣stroyes the humane nature of Christ. Item, That in all Sacraments, the Word is, is put for signifieth or re∣presenteth. Pag. 84.
  • CHAP. XI. That it is not enough (for to have eternall life) to eat Christs flesh: but we must also drink his blood. And therefore all Christians indiffe∣rently, ought to communicate under both kinds, according to the Comman∣dement of Christ and the Apostle Saint Paul. p. 112.
  • CHAP. XII. That the pretended Sacrifice of the Masse, was onely esta∣blished for to annihilate the power and efficacy of the Sacrifice of the Crosse. Page  [unnumbered] And that there is but one onely Sa∣crificator Sacrificing expiatorily in the Evangelicall Law, to wit, Christ Jesus our Lord. Pag. 125.
  • CHAP. XIII. That S. Peter was not established by Christ, Head of the Universall Church, and Prince of the Apostles. And Consequently, that the Pope, who challengeth this title but as S. Peters Successor, hath intruded himselfe into that Office, without any lawfull calling: And shewes himselfe to be Antichrist, in doing quite con∣trary to that which Christ and S. Pe∣ter did. p. 148.