Logos autopistos, or, Scriptures self-evidence to prove its existence, authority, certainty in it [sic] self, and sufficiency (in its kind) to ascertain others that it is inspir'd of God to be the only rule of faith : published as a plea for Protestants in the defence of their profession and intended only for the use and instruction of the vulgar sort.
Ford, Thomas, 1598-1674.
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A brief Collection out of Simeon Dunelmensis his History, writ∣ten Anno 1134. Johannes Ha∣gustaldensis his Continuer, and others, when and how often the City of London hath been al∣most totally burnt by sudden Fires in former ages.

AN•…o Domini 798. a Lundoni•…igne repentino cum magna homi∣num multitudine consumptacst.

bAnno 801. Hathuberht Lundo∣niae Civitatis antistes vitahu•…us con∣tempsit tempora: Et paulo post, mag∣na pars vic•… ipfius repentino igne con∣sumpta est.

These two great Fires in London within three years space, made it in a manner desolate and unhabitable for Page  [unnumbered] 85. years, till re-edified by King Alfred, Anno 886. as the same cHi∣storian, and the Chronicle of Bromton thus record: Eodem tempore (Anno 886.) Rex Anglorum Elfredus, post incendia u•…bium, stragesque popul•…rum Londoniam per maximam Civita•… honorifice restauravit, & habitabil•…m fecit; as if it was not habitable be∣fore.

dAnno 982. Civitas Lundoniae ig•…e cremata est; so Simeon Dunel∣mensis But the Chronicle of Brom∣ton, fereigne cremata est.

eAnno Dom. 1087. Ferox flamma urbes multas, 〈◊〉 quoque Sancti Pauli Apostoli, cum majore & meliori part: Londoniae consumpsit.

fAnno 1133. (21 H. •….) Max∣ma pars Londoniae Civitatis in ebdo∣mala 〈◊◊◊〉; before which, stella Cometes •…ctavo idusPage  [unnumbered] Octobris fere per dies 7. apparuit: as we had two Comets succeeding each other in few Months, before the late devouring Pestilence, and consu∣ming Fire, visibly seen in and over London, not to be parallel'd in any Age.