Logos autopistos, or, Scriptures self-evidence to prove its existence, authority, certainty in it [sic] self, and sufficiency (in its kind) to ascertain others that it is inspir'd of God to be the only rule of faith : published as a plea for Protestants in the defence of their profession and intended only for the use and instruction of the vulgar sort.
Ford, Thomas, 1598-1674.
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THE late dreadfull Fire, kindled by our God-provoking sins and abominations, transcending all our Forefathers, (after so many mira∣cles of mercies and deliverances) within three dayes space turned no less than 88 Pari•…es and P•…ish-Churches, with the Cathed•…al Church of the late great and glorious City of London, into heaps of ashes and rub∣bish, to the just horror and amaze∣ment of all Spectators of their •…mes and ruines; which as it proved ex∣tremely prejudicial and destructive to most Companies of the City, yet Page  [unnumbered] none of them received so grand losses and dammages by that devouring Conflagration, as the Company of Stationers, most of whose Habitati∣ons, Store-houses, Shops, together with all their Stocks, Books, bound and unbound, (by reason of their combustibleness, and difficulty to re∣move them) were not only consu∣med in a moment, but their ashes, and scorched leaves, carried with the violence of the wind in the air, were scattered in sundry places above 16. miles distance from the City, to the great admiration of the Beholders. Amongst other millions of Books thus suddenly consumed, this little Book suffered in the same kind; how∣ever thou hast it now with many Additions. Reader, pray for the Au∣thor, and beg a blessing upon his en∣deavours for thy good.