Logos autopistos, or, Scriptures self-evidence to prove its existence, authority, certainty in it [sic] self, and sufficiency (in its kind) to ascertain others that it is inspir'd of God to be the only rule of faith : published as a plea for Protestants in the defence of their profession and intended only for the use and instruction of the vulgar sort.
Ford, Thomas, 1598-1674.
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ΛΟΓΟΣ ΑΥΤΟΠΙΣΤΟΣ, OR, Scriptures Self-Evidence:

TO PROVE Its Existence, Authority, Certainty in it Self, and Sufficiency (in its kind) to ascertain others, That it is Inspir'd of God to be the Only Rule of Faith.

PUBLISHED As a Plea for Protestants in the De∣fence of their Profession, and intended only for the use and instruction of the Vulgar sort.

Isa. 8. 20.
To the Law, and to the Testimony.

John 5. 39.
Search the Scriptures, &c.

Canonica autoritas veteris & novi Testamenti, quae. Apostolorum consirmata temporibus per successio∣nes Episcoporum, & propagationes Ecclesirum, tanquam in sede quâdam sublimitèr constituta est.

Aug. contr. Faust. Ma. 1. 11. c. 5.

LONDON, Printed for Edward Brewster, and are to be sold at Mr. Marriotts a Scrivener, over against Hicks-Hall, in St. Johns street, 1667.