Don Sebastian, King of Portugal a tragedy, acted at the Theatre Royal
Dryden, John, 1631-1700.
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Scene 2. Suppos'd a Garden; with Lodging Rooms behind it; or on the sides.

Enter Mufti; Antonio as a Slave; and Johayma the Mufti's Wife.

ANd how do you like him, look upon him well; he's a personable Fellow of a Christian Dog. Now I think you are fitted, for a Gardiner: Ha what say'st thou Johayma?


He may make a shift to sow lettice, raise Melons, and water a Garden plat.

But otherwise a very filthy Fellow; how odiously he smells of his Country garlike! fugh, how he stinks of Spain.


Why honey-bird I bought him a purpose for thee; didst not thou say thou long'dst for a Christian Slave?


Ah, but the sight of that loathsom creature has almost cur'd me; And how can I tell that he's a Christian? and he were well search'd he may prove a Jew for ought I know.

And besides I have always long'd for an Eunuch; for they say that's a Civil Creature, and almost as harmless as your self Husband: speak fellow, are not you such a kind of peace∣able thing?


I was never taken for one in my own Country; and not very peaceable neither, when I am well provok'd.


To your Occupation Dog; bind up the Jessamines in yond Arbor, and handle your pruning knife with dexteri∣ty; tightly I say, go tightly to your business; you have cost me much; and must earn it in your work; here's plentiful provision for you, rascal, sallating in the Garden, and water in the tanck, and on Holydays the licking of a platter of Rice, when you deserve it.


What have you been bred up to Sirrah, and what can you perform to recommend you to my service?

making legs.

Why Madam, I can perform as much as any Man, in a fair Ladies Service.

Page  40I can play upon the Flute, and Sing; I can carry your Um∣brella, and fan your Ladyship, and cool you when you are too hot: in fine, no Service either by day or by night shall come amiss to me; and besides am of so quick an apprehension, that you need but wink upon me at any time, to make me under∣stand my duty.

She winks at him.
Very fine, she has tipt the wink already. —

The Whelp may come to something in time, when I have enter'd him into his business.


A very malapert Cur, I can tell him that; I do not like his fawning, you must be taught your distance Sirrah.

(Strikes him.)
Hold, hold. —

He ha's deserv'd it I confess; but for once let his igno∣rance plead his pardon; we must not discourage a beginner. Your Reverence has taught us Charity ev'n to Birds and Beasts: here you filthy brute you: — take this little Alms, to buy you plaisters.

(gives him a piece of money)


Money and a Love pinch in the inside of my palm into the bargain.


Enter a Servant.

Sir, my Lord Benducar is coming to wait on you, and is al∣ready at the Palace Gate.


Come in Johayma, regulate the rest of my Wives and Concubines, and leave the Fellow to his work.


Look how stupidly he stares about him, like a Calf new come into the World: I shall teach you Sirrah to know your business, a little better. — this way you awkard ras∣cal, here lyes the Arbour, must I be showing you eternally?

(turning him about.)

Come away Minion; you shall show him nothing.


I'll but bring him into the Arbor, where a Rose-tree and a Myrtle are just falling for want of a prop; if they were bound together they wou'd help to keep up one ano∣ther: — He's a raw Gardiner, and 'tis but Charity to teach him.

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No more deeds of Charity to day; come in, or I shall think you a little better dispos'd than I cou'd wish you.


Well, go before, I will follow my Pastor.


So you may cast a sheeps eye behind you: In before me. And you, sawciness, mind your pruning knife; or I may chance to use it for you.

Exeunt Mufti and Johayma.

Thank you for that; but I am in no such hast to be made a Musulman. For his Wedlock, with all her haughti∣ness, I find her coming. How far a Christian shou'd resist, I partly know; but how far a lewd young Christian can resist is another question. She's tolerable, and I am a poor Stran∣ger, far from better Friends, and in a bodily necessity: Now have I a strange temptation to try what other Females are be∣longing to this Family: I am not far from the Womens apart∣ment I am sure; and if these Birds are within distance, here's that will chuckle 'em together.
(pulls out his Flute)
If there be variety of Moors flesh in this Holy Market 'twere madness to lay out all my money upon the first bargain.

He plays.
A Grate opens and Morayma the Mufti's Daughter ap∣pears at it.

Ay there's an Apparition! This is a Morsel worthy of a Mufti; this is the relishing bit in secret; this is the My∣stery of his Alcoran, that must be reserv'd from the know∣ledg of the profane Vulgar. This is his Holyday Devotion; see, she beckons too. —

(She beckons to him.)

Come a little nearer and speak softly.


I come, I come I warrant thee; the least twinckle had brought me to thee; such another kind syllable or two, wou'd turn me to a Meteor and draw me up to thee.

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I dare not speak, for fear of being over-heard; but if you think my Person worth your hazard, and can deserve my love — the rest this Note shall tell you — (throws down a handkerchief.) No more, my heart goes with you.

Exit from the Grate.

O thou pretty little heart; art thou flown hither, I'll keep it warm I warrant it, and brood upon it in the new¦nest: but now for my Treasure trove, that's wrapt up in the handkerchief: No peeping here, though I long to be spelling her Arabick scrawls and pot-hooks. But I must carry off my prize, as Robbers do; and not think of shar∣ing the booty, before I am free from danger, and out of eye-shot from the other Windows. If her wit be as poy∣nant as her Eyes, I am a double Slave. Our Northern Beau∣ties are meer dough to these: Insipid white Earth, meer To∣baccopipe-clay; With no more Soul and Motion in 'em, than a Fly in Winter.

Here the warm Planet ripens, and sublimes
The well bak'd Beauties of the Southern Climes;
Our Cupid's but a bungler in his Trade;
His keenest Arrows are in Affrick made.
Exit Antonio.