The negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, the great Cardinall of England containing his life and death, viz. (1) the originall of his promotion, (2) the continuance in his magnificence, (3) his fall, death, and buriall
Cavendish, George, 1500-1561?, Cavendish, William, Sir, 1505?-1557.
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An Advertisement to the Reader.

WHo pleaseth to reade this History advised∣ly may well perceive the immutability of honour, the tottering state of earthly Dignity, the deceipt of flattering friends, and the instability of Princes favours.

This great Cardinall having experience of all this, witnesse his fleeting from Honour, the losse of Friends, Riches and Dignities, being forgotten of his Prince, whilst Fortune smiled, having saciety of all these; And shee bending her brow, deprived him of all Terre∣stiall Joyes, who by twenty yeares study and paines, had obtained so great wealth and dignitie, and in lesse then one yeare lost all.

And thus was his honour laid in the Dust.