The negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, the great Cardinall of England containing his life and death, viz. (1) the originall of his promotion, (2) the continuance in his magnificence, (3) his fall, death, and buriall
Cavendish, George, 1500-1561?, Cavendish, William, Sir, 1505?-1557.
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THE NEGOTIATIONS OF THOMAS WOOLSEY, The great Cardinall of England, Containing his life and Death, viz.

  • 1. The Originall of his promotion.
  • 2. The Continuance in his Magnificence.
  • 3. His Fall, Death, and Buriall.

Composed by one of his owne Servants, being his Gentleman-Vsher.

LONDON, Printed for William Sheeres. 1641.