The resurrection proved, or, The life to come demonstrated being a strange but true relation of what hapned to Mrs. Anna Atherton who lay in a trance 7 days : with her speech when she came to life
Atherton, Henry, M.D.
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THE RESURRECTION Proved: OR, The LIFE to come Demonstrated.

Being a Strange but True Relation of what hapned to Mris Anna Atherton: Who lay in a Trance 7 days, with her Speech when she came to life, As it came from her Brother Dr. Atherton, Physician in Caermarthen.

Published, now seasonably, in this Adulterous, Atheistical and Papistical Generation, wherein neither God, Christ, Soul, Heaven nor Hell are minded; but Whoring, Swaring, Ly∣ing, &c. and, it may serve as a Curb to Vice, and a Spur to Vertue.

THIS Maid being about fourteen years of Age, fell sick in November 1669. Whereupon se∣veral Physicians were called to her Assistance, who consulted about her Distemper; and judg'd it to be something of an Ague, though the Symptoms thereof (as they confessed) were somwhat different from those which are usual in that Distemper.

2. Her Disease, whatever it was, prov'd too hard for their Skill and Medicines, and brought the Patient to a thinness of Body, paleness of Countenance, and Stupidness to any thing but her Devotion. She was before of a full Habit of Body, of a brisk and lively Temper, and prone to all kind of Exercise befitting her Age.

3. Under this strong Alteration she continued till the Beginning of February ensuing, when by little and little she felt a sensible Decay of her whole Body which daily increasing, prevailed at length upon all the Organs of Life and Mo∣tion; so that in appearance she lay void of either, whereupon she was concluded to be really dead.

4. The Women who came to do their last Office to her Body, perceived more Heat and Warmth in her, than they thought to be usual in dead Bodies, upon which they desisted a while; And, because the Room was close, and a fire had been alwayes in it, (thinking the unusual Warmth might proceed from thence) they opened the Casements to let in what Air they could, and put out the Fire, and then left her some time to her self.

5. But returning, they found the same Warmth to continue; then they left her in this manner one whole day, yet could find no alteration: whereupon they Page  2 applyed a Looking-glass to her Mouth▪ but not the least Cloud appear'd: they put live Coals to her feet, which discovered not the least sign of Life or Sense.

6. Notwithstanding her Mother (it being so ordered by Providence) was very timorous which made her delay her Burial▪ and kept her uncoffin'd till sev'n days were expired, at the end of which time, her heat which before was so lan∣guid and obscure, that it could scarcely be discerned, began like some sparks of fire raked up in Embers) to glow, and more manifestly discover it self.

7. Upon which, Rubbings and other artificial helps were used, which did not prove ineffectual; for, in a short time, they sound a trembling Vibration of the Pulse, afterwards she began to breath, and so at last gradually recovered all her Senses. The first thing that she spake of, was That she desired to see her Mo∣ther, who coming to her she thus uttered her mind▪

The Maids Speech when she came out of her Trance.

8. O Mother! Since, I was absent from you, I have been in Heaven, an An∣gel went before me to conduct me thither; I passed through three seve∣ral Gates▪ and at length I came to Heaven Gate, where I saw things very glorious and unutterable as Saints Angels▪ and the like, in glorious Apparel; and heard Unparalleld Music, Divine Anthems and Hallelu-iahs.

9. I would fain have entred that glorious place▪ but the Angel that went before me, withstood me yet I thought myself half in; but he told me, I could not be admitted now, but I must go back, and take leave of my Friends, and after some short time I should be admitted▪

10. So he brought me hither again, and is now standing at the Beds-feet▪ Mother▪ You must needs see him, he is all in white. Her Mother told her▪ It was but a Dream or Fancy, and that she knew not what she said: whereupon she answered with a great deal of Vehemency▪ That it was as true, as that she was there at present. She took notice also of several persons in the Room by their Names, to shew she did not dream, but spoke with Understanding:

11. But for the greater Confirmation, she told them of Three or Four Persons that were dead, since she was deprived of her Senses, and named each Person; (one of them was dead, and they knew not of it before they sent to enquire:) she said▪ she saw them passing by her while she stood at the Gtae.

12. One whom she named was reputed a Vicious Person, came as far as the Gate, but was sent back again another way. All the Persons she named, dyed in the time she lay in this Trance.

13. She lived about two Years after this, enjoying a perfect Health, and then dyed in great Assurance of her Salvation; speaking comfortable Words, and giv∣ing wholesom Instructions to all who came to visit her. It is worthy Observation, that during the whole time of her first Sickness, which was about a quarter of a yer, she neither eat nor drank any thing, besides the juyce of an Orange and the yolk of an Egge.

'Tis is then necessary all Persons be kept 48 hours before they are buried, if they be so happy as to escape the designed Popish Massacre.

LONDON, Printed by T▪ Dawks▪ 168