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Title: Here endeth the discripcion of Britayne ...
Author: Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364.
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therof / of the which seyth Beda li. iiij. ca. xj. that Sexnulfus was first bisshopp there. But Beda seyth li. iiij. ca. xxiij. that lyndeffrn chirche is an Ilonde that is called haly Ilonde in the riuer thwede next berwyk / And so it is gadred of Bedaes Sawes that twede renneth in to the famous arme of the see that now de{per}teth english men & scottes in the eesthalf / & in that arme ben thre Ilondes / That one is Mailros that now is called menros / Thenne aboue toward the west is lyndeffarn chirch that is called haly Ilonde Thenne the thirde is aboue vpward and is the Ilonde farne / and is called also farny Ilonde / Thenne vpward aboue that two myle is a ryall ci∣te vpon the brinke of twede / that somtyme hehte Bebanbourgh y• is bobles cite / and now is called bamburgh and hath a right strō¦ge castell / Gir. in itinere / Two citees ther ben either is called Caer∣legion and Caerleon also / Oon is Demecia in southwales that is named Caerusk also / there the riuer vske falleth in to seuarne fast by Glamorgan / Bellin{us} kyng of britons somtyme bilded y• cite and was somtyme the chief cite of Demecia in southwales / Afterward in Claudius cezars tyme hit was y called the Cyte of legyons whan atte praier of Genius the quene Vaspasianus and Aruiragus were accorded and legyons of rome were sente in¦to Irlonde tho was Carleon a noble cite and of grete auctorite & by the romayns rially bild & walled aboute with walles of fnt tyle / Grete nobley that was there in old tyme is there yet in many places seen / as the grete palayses gyantes toures / noble bathes / re¦leef of the temples places of theatres / that were places hye and riall to stonde and sitte in / And to beholde aboute / the places were rially closed wtth riall walles that yet somdele stondeth right nyhe¦cloos / And withinne the walles and withoute is grete bildyng vnder erthe / water condytes and weyes vnder erthe and stewes al¦so thou shalt see wonderly made with strayt side weyes of brething that wonderly cast vp hete / In this cite were somtyme thre noble chirches / one was of seint Iulius the martir and ther in a grete company of virgyns / That othir was of seint Aaron / that was of the ordre of black chanons / that chirch was right nobly adour¦ned / The thirde chirche was the chief moder chirch of alle wales and the chief see / But afterward the chief see was torned oute of that cite in to Meneuia that is seint dauyes londe in westwales In this Caerleon was Amphibalus y born that taught seint al¦lone / There the messagers of rome come to the grete Arthurs court yf it is effull to trowe Treuisa / yf Girald was in doubte whether
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