Of domesticall duties eight treatises. I. An exposition of that part of Scripture out of which domesticall duties are raised. ... VIII. Duties of masters. By William Gouge.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653.

§. 49. Of an husbands prouiding things needfull for his wiues boay.

To the body also must an husbands prouident care of his wife extend: and that both in health and sicknesse. In health by prouiding such things as are needfull to preserue health, as competent food, raiment, and the like necessaries. Where the b Prophet to aggrauate the misery of the people saith, Seuen women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our owne bread, and weare our owne apparell, only let vs be called by thy name, intimateth, that it was an husbands dutie to prouide bread and apparell, that is, all necessaries for his wife. Which the c law also implieth, where it inioyneth him that taketh one wife vpon another, not to diminish the food and raiment of the former. In sicknesse such things are to be prouided as are needfull either to recouer her health, or to comfort, cherish and refresh her in her sicknesse.

This was * before noted among common mutuall duties; for by vertue of the matrimoniall bond it belongeth both to man and wife: but to the man it appertaineth by vertue of that power and charge which he hath ouer his wife: and there∣fore it was needfull here to be touched.