Of domesticall duties eight treatises. I. An exposition of that part of Scripture out of which domesticall duties are raised. ... VIII. Duties of masters. By William Gouge.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653.

IV. TREATISE. Of Husbands particular duties.

§. 1 OF the generall heads of this treatise. 349

2 Of that loue which husbands owe their wiues. 350

3 Of an husbands hatred, and want of loue. 352

4 Of an husbands wise maintaining his authority. 353

5 Of husbands losing their authority. 355

6 Of husbands high account of wiues. 356

7 Of that fellowship which is betwixt man and wife, notwithstanding a wiues inferiority. 357

8 Of husbands too meane account of wiues. 358

9 Of husbands good esteeme of their owne wiues. 358

10 Of husbands preposterous opinion of their owne wiues. 359

11 Of husbands intire affection to their wiues. 360

12 Of the stoicall disposition of husbands to their wiues. 362

13 Of an husbands kinde acceptance of such things as his wife doth. 362

14 Of husbands fleighting and reiecting their wiues goodnesse. 363

15 Of husbands courteous accepting their wiues re∣uerend cariage. 364

16 Of husbands ready yeelding to their wiues hum∣ble suits. 365

17 Of husbands harshnesse to their wiues. 365

18 Of husbands forbearing to exact all that they may. 366

Page  [unnumbered] 19 Of husbands too much strictnesse towards their wiues. 368

20 Of husbands encouraging their wiues in good things. 369

21 Of husbands vngratefull discouraging their wiues. 370

22 Of an husbands mildnesse. 370

23 Of husbands bitternesse. 371

24 Of the titles which an husband giueth to his wife. 371

25 Of an husbands manner of instructing his wife. 372

26 Of an husbands manner of commanding his wife any thing. 373

27 Of an husbands wise cariage, when his wife is erroneously scrupulous. 375

28 Of an husbands forbearing to presse things vn∣beseeming a wiues place. 376

29 Of an husbands pressing his authority in weigh∣ty matters. 376

30 Of husbands too great pride in commanding. 377

31 Of husbands rare and milde vsing their com∣manding power. 378

32 Of husbands insolency and peremptorinesse. 378

33 Of an husbands reprouing his wife. 379

34 Of neglecting reproofe. 379

35 Of well ordering reproofe in the matter there∣of. 379

36 Of vndue reproofe. 381

37 Whether an husband may reproue his wife for such things as he is guilty of. 382

38 Of well ordering reproofe in the manner there∣of. 382

39 Of vndiscreet reproouing a wife. 385

40 Of an husbands amiable countenance towards his wife. 386

41 Of husbands too great austerity. 387

42 Of an husbands familiar gesture with his wife. 388

43 Of an husbands giuing fauours to his wife. 389

44 Of husbands beating their wiues. 389

45 Of an husbands bearing with his wiues infir∣mities. 393

46 Of an husbands prouident care for his wife. 396

47 Of an husbands prouiding meanes of spirituall edification for his wife. 397

48 Of neglecting their wiues edification. 398

49 Of an husbands prouiding things needfull for his wiues body. 399

50 Of an husbands prouident care for his wife a∣bout her childe-bearing. 399

51 Of neglecting wiues in their weaknesse. 401

52 Of an husbands prouiding for his wife accor∣ding to his estate and ability. 402

53 Of an husbands niggardlinesse to his wife. 402

54 Of husbands allowing their wiues to bestow on others as they see good occasion. 403

55 Of husbands too great straitnesse ouer their wiues. 405

56 Of an husbands care to prouide for his wife so long as she shall liue. 406

57 Of husbands neglect of their wiues future estate. 407

58 Of an husbands protecting his wife from dan∣ger. 408

59 Of an husbands maintaining his wife against children of a former venter, and seruants. 409

60 Of neglecting to maintaine their wiues. 410

61 Of an husbands first beginning to loue his wife. 412

62 Of an husbands repaying vnkindnes for loue. 413

63 Of the truth of husbands loue. 414

64 Of husbands dissimulation. 414

65 Of the freenesse of husbands loue. 415

66 Of husbands louing for aduantage. 415

67 Of the purity of husbands loue. 415

68 Of husbands lightnesse. 416

69 Of husbands louing their wiues more then themselues. 417

70 Of husbands vnkindnesse. 417

71 Of combats in pretence of wiues honour. 417

72 Of husbands constancy in loue. 418

73 Of husbands variablenesse. 419

74 Of husbands louing their wiues as themselues. 419

75 Of Christs example a motiue to prouoke hus∣bands to loue their wiues. 422

76 Of a mans loue to himselfe a motiue to prouoke him to loue his wife. 426