Of domesticall duties eight treatises. I. An exposition of that part of Scripture out of which domesticall duties are raised. ... VIII. Duties of masters. By William Gouge.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653.

III. TREATISE. Of wiues particular Duties.

§. 1. OF the generall heads of this treatise. 267

2 Of a wiues subiection in generall. 268

3 Of an husbands superiority ouer a wife, to be ac∣knowledged by a wife. 269

4 Of a fond conceit that husband and wife are equall. 271

5 Of a wiues acknowledgment of her owne hus∣bands superiority. 272

6 Of wiues denying honour to their owne husbands. 273

7 Of a wiues inward fare of her husband. 274

8 Of a wiues base esteeme of her husband. 275

9 Of wiue-like sobriety. 277

10 Of wiue-like mildnesse. 278

11 Of wiue-like courtefie and obeysance. 279

12 Of wiue-like modesty in apparell. 280

13 Of a wiues reuerend speech to her husband. 281

14 Of the titles which wiues giue their husbands. 282

15 Of wiues meekenesse in their speeches. 284

16 Of a wiues speech of her husband in his ab∣sence. 285

17 of a wiues obedience in generall. 286

18 Of the cases wherein a wife hath power to or∣der things of the house without her husbands consent. 287

19 Of diuers kinds of consent. 288

20 Of the things whereabout a wife must haue her husbands consent. 290

21 Of the things which a wife may dispose with∣out her husbands consent. 291

22 Of a wiues liberty in extraordinary matters. 292

23 Of a wiues restraint in disposing goods without consent of her husband: and of the ground of that restraint. 293

24 Of the example of the Shunemite in asking her husbands consent. 294

25 Of the law of a wiues vow. 294

26 Of humane lawes which restraine wiues from disposing goods, without or against their hus∣bands consent. 296

27 Of the inconueniences which may follow vpon a wiues disposing goods without or against her husbands consent. 297

28 Of propertie in goods, whether it giue liberty to dispose them as a wife will. 298

29 Of the reasons against a wiues property in the common goods of the family. 299

30 Of answers to the reasons for a wiues property. 301

31 Of the priuiledges of wiues aboue children and seruants in and about the goods of the family. 302

32 Of examples and other reasons alleadged for li∣berty of wiues to dispose goods. 302

33 Of the subiection of wiues in distributing goods to charitable vses. 304

34 Of generall exhortations to workes of mercy, how farre they binde wiues. 305

35 Of obedience to an husband in such things as he sinfully forbiddeth. 305

36 Of Zipporahs case in circumcising her son. 306

37 Of the wife of Chuzas case in ministring to Christ. 307

38 Of the restraint of wiues about allowance for themselues or families without their husbands consent. 308

39 Of a wiues subiection to her husband about children. 309

40 Of a wiues subiection to her husband about or∣dering seruants and beasts. 310

Page  [unnumbered] 41 Of a wiues subiection in entertaining strangers, iournying abroad, and making vowes. 311

42 Of aberrations contrary to wiues subiection in doing things without or against their husbands consent. 312

43 Of a wiues actiue obedience. 315

44 Of a wiues willingnesse to dwell where her husband will. 315

45 Of a wiues readinesse to come to her husband when he requires it. 317

46 Of a wiues readinesse to doe what her husband requireth. 319

47 Of a wiues meeke taking a reproofe. 319

48 Of a wiues readinesse to redresse what her hus∣band iustly reproueth in her. 322

49 Of a wiues contentment with her husbands present estate. 323

50 Of a wiues discontent at her husbands estate. 324

51 Of cases wherein a wife ought not to forbeare what her husband forbiddeth. 325

52 Of cases wherein a wife ought to forbeare what her husband requireth. 328

53 Of wiues faults in shewing more respect to their husbands then to God. 329

54 Of the manner of a wiues subiection to her husband. 329

55 Of wiues humility in euery duty. 331

56 Of wiues pride. 331

57 Of wiues sincerity in euery duty. 332

58 Of wiues complement all subiection. 334

59 Of wiues cheerefulnesse in euery duty. 334

60 Of wiues sullen and forced obedience. 334

61 Of wiues constancy in doing their duty. 335

62 Of wiues repenting their former goodnesse. 335

63 Of the extent of a wiues obedience. 336

64 Of a wiues labouring to bring her iudgement to the bent of her husbands. 337

65 Of wiues ouerweining conceit of their owne wisdome. 338

66 Of a wiues yeelding to her husband in such things as she thinketh not to be the meetest. 338

67 Of wiues making their owne will their law. 339

68 Of care in choosing such husbands as wiues may without griese be subiect vnto. 340

69 Of the reasons to moue wiues to doe their du∣ties. 341

70 Of an husbands place. 342

71 Of an husbands office. 343

72 Of the resemblance betwixt Christ and an hus∣band. 344

73 Of the benefit which a wife hath by an hus∣band. 346

74 Of the example of the Church set before wiues. 347