Of domesticall duties eight treatises. I. An exposition of that part of Scripture out of which domesticall duties are raised. ... VIII. Duties of masters. By William Gouge.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653.
Page  456

§. 25. Of childrens contentednesse to be apparelled after their parents minde and liking.

IIII. A fourth branch of the foresaid subiection of chil∣dren is about their apparell, that it be no other, then may stand with their parents good liking. It is noted that Israel*made Ioseph a coat, doth not the particular mentioning of that circumstance shew, that parents must haue the ordering of their childrens apparell? Which is also intimated in the reason giuen of Tamars garment of diuers colours, namely because *with such garments were the kings daughters, that were virgins, apparelled. And whereas Rebekah had the keeping of her * sonne Esaus clothes, it appeareth that his clothes were to the minde of his parents: else he would haue hid them from them: for further confirmation whereof it is noted that his apparell was pleasing to his father.

Contrary is the vaine-glorious humour of many children, * who to the griefe and discredit of their parents, apparell them∣selues both against the minde, and also aboue the ability, and vnbeseeming the place and calling of their parents. Among others, many ministers children bring much discredit on their parents hereby. Let all such proud Youths note how the Lord hath threatned to visit euen Kings children that are clo∣thed*with strange apparell.