Three sermons concerning the sacred Trinity by John Wallis.
Wallis, John, 1616-1703.
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THE first of the three Sermons here following, is Printed according as it was Preached in Oxford, in the Year 1664. (accommodated to that time and place;) but it was, for the Substance of it, Preached in London Twenty Years before that time. Which I mention to shew, that the Construction which I give of the Words, is not a new forced Notion, just now taken up to serve a turn; or (as somebody is pleased to call it) Equally New and Cautious: But, what I did, so long ago, take to be a then received Truth. And, I since find, it is at least as old as St. Au∣stin's Epist. 174. The other Two are lately added, in pursuance of some other Page  [unnumbered] Discourses lately made publick, concerning the Sacred Trinity. Wherein much of what was said before, scatteringly, (as those who wrote against it gave occasi∣on;) is now inlarged and put into a little better Order. If what I have done may be serviceable to the Truth, and to the Church of God: I have what I did desire, and shall not think the Labour ill bestowed.