An answer to three papers of Mr. Hobs lately published in the months of August, and this present September, 1671.
Wallis, John, 1616-1703.

His third Paper,

WHich came out just as the Answer to the two former was going to the Press, contains, for substance, the same with his Second, and the Latter part of the First: And so needs no farther Answer.

Only I cannot but take notice of his usual trade of contra∣dicting himself. His second Paper says, The side of a Square is not a Superficies, but a Line: His Third says the quite con∣trary, (Prop. 1.) A Square root (speaking of Quantity) is not a Line, but a Rectangle. Other faults, falsities, and contra∣dictions, there are a great many; which I omit, as too gross to need an Answer.

And this is what I thought fit to say to Mr. Hobs's Three Papers (rather to satisfie the importunity of others, than because I thought them worth Answering:) And sub∣mit the whole, with all Respects, to the Royal Society, to whom Mr. Hobs makes his Appeal.