Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

Vpon Her Majesties New Buildings at Somerset-House.

GReat Queen, that does our Island bless,
With Princes and with Palaces;
Treated so ill, chac'd from your Throne,
Returning, you adorn the Town,
And with a brave Revenge do show,
Their Glory went and came with you.
While Peace from hence, and you were gone
Your houses in that Storm o'rethrown
Those wounds which Civil Rage did give,
t once you Pardon and Relieve:
Page  228
Constant to England in your Love,
As Birds are to their wonted Grove,
Though by rude hands their Nests are spoil'd,
There, the next Spring again they build:
Accusing some malignant Star,
Not Britain, for that fatal War,
Your Kindness banishes your Fear,
Resolv'd to fix for ever here.
But what new Mine this work supplies?
Can such a Pile from Ruine rise?
This like the first Creation shows,
As if at your Command it rose;
Frugality, and Bounty too,
Those differing Virtues meet in you;
From a confin'd well-manag'd Store
You both employ, and feed the Poor:
Page  229 Let Foreign 〈…〉 boast
The rude 〈…〉 Pride and Cost,
Of 〈…〉 to which They
Contribute nothing, but the Pay:
This, by the Queen her self design'd,
Gives us a pattern of her mind;
The State and Order does proclaim
The Genius of that Royal Dame,
Each part with just proportion grac'd,
And all to such advantage plac'd,
That the fair View her Window yields,
The Town, the River, and the Fields
Entring, Beneath us we descry,
And wonder how we came so high;
She needs no weary steps ascend,
All seems before her feet to bend,
And here, as She was born, She lies
High, without taking pains to rise.